[WTS] [ USA ] Trampa VESC 100/250 $450 USD new OBO

Has been sitting on the shelf getting no love and I need some bucks for another project. You know you want it.

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Fuck I want this… care to work out a battery or deck deal?

Sorry man, need the bucks bad to bootstrap current project.

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What if I brought you into the fold of my next project that has nothing to do with esk8?

Does this have an IMU? I think some do and some do not.

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Count me in.

I don’t know, will check when I come across the USB cable.

Hey, I’m interested - will DM you!

Thanks for the interest. The beast has a new victim as of Oct 13.

Sold. @xsynatic

My powers don’t work here, sorry :slight_smile:

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