WTT- 2-Evolve 150kv 5065 motors for 1 60xx motor(usa)

I’m mainly looking to trade trade these.

Really good shape. One looks like it has zero miles the other has slight fading paint on pulley and the phase/sensor connectors cut off. But i can provide replacements

20190616_060919 20190616_060947 20190616_061030 20190616_060932

I’m looking for a single 60xx motor. Preferably 6064 or bigger And 200kv or less

I’m primarily interested in a trade but if you want to offer $$ feel free

Im open to offers so dont hesitate to ask.

I have a 6355 190kv motor from torqueboards the shaft spins freely, and I think it’s just loose grub screws. Interested?

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Ill think about it. I like thats its a tb motor. Was hoping for somthing a bit bigger since im doing a single drive. Was offered a 6364 sk8 and so far that’s my favorite option.

lol i got raptor hubs. u wanna trade? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Mmmm um actually lol i might just be into that if you’re serious. I can sweeten the pot if needed. Pm me

let me think abt it. i have them and don’t think i’ll ever use them, but i’ll have to do some research on evolves motors.

do they fit torque boards mount? hmmmmmm idk.

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I might be able to include mounts.

And im pretty sure tb mounts work with 50xx motors

They fit @boardnamics mounts but not tb ones unless you only put 2 screws (btw the tb ones will fit the motors that you tried to put on the boardnamics.)

ok. that might work. ill tell u tmrw night because i’m in tahoe

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Haven’t had tb mounts in a long time.

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Just letting you know.

I remember how versatile tb mounts are. I only ditched them because i went surfrodz on everything and tossed out all my caliber trucks.lol regrets

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The tb arent universal for both 50xx and 63xx motors they have a separate 50XX mount in 63XX mount

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