[WTT] DIY Boosted - For Boosted V2/Plus XR. [EU/DK]

Looking for the real deal in trade for my beast of a clone.

Build thread: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/not-a-boosted-boosted-clone-dual-motor-190kv-flipsky-eboosted-build-thread/95421

Board just needs to have the phase wire cables hold onto the deck or a riserpad with cable holders to be 100% complete.

Only ridden 30km.

Does around 40Km per charge at 40km/h vesc settings not maxed out so can be faster.


  • Loaded Vanguard Flex 3.
  • E-Calibers.
  • Orangatang Kegels.
  • Flipsky 190KV 6354.
  • Flipsky 4.20 Plus.
  • Flipsky VX1.
  • Electricboardsolutions Mounts.
  • Electricboardsolutions Pulleys. (15/36).
  • 10S4P Samsung 30Q Bypassed 12AH.
  • Eboosted Enclosure Vanguard 10S4P

And a fast charger 4A

Only looking for a board in great condition with XR.

I’m in Denmark (Holstebro), so prefer to have someone that’s able to drive up to me or around here for easier trade.

Pics: 64253817_403526646918592_3838654023259389952_n 64352609_902358846793159_361805541049106432_n 64359137_2740491329312101_6631269556146929664_n


Why are you trading? This thing looks better than the real deal!

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