Wtt focbox unity for reliable vesc dual or 2 single in canbus

i have a unity coming on easter sale

found out it isnt so reliable on 12s

looking for one which is reliable for 12s and good quality maybe flipsky 6.6 or any other high quality one

if unity firmware update comes out to fix this issue then please say as i am scared of using it until this has been sorted

looking to trade pm me with offers

unity should come in a couple of weeks

Deodand has already completed the update that aims to fix the issues people are having. It’s currently being tested by others who have the Unity

By the time it gets to you it’s likely going to be fine to ride, but I can’t blame you.

If you want to buy some VESC 6s together from Trampa, let me know and I can buy a 4 pack so we can save some money in the end(low end bulk pricing)

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I’ve been running 12s on unity since December and haven’t had any issues… I log tons of miles weekly and ride fairly aggressive and high speed…

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Might try it just want to get my board going as soon as I get the unity so just would prefer being on safe side

As I said in the first bit if the update is working by the time I get it then will just keep

Just read some posts another how it didn’t go great on 12s

How much would 2 vesc 6 cost if we buy together

Screenshot_20190524-110036_Chrome Screenshot_20190524-110042_Chrome

We each save 20 pound(?), Sort of worth it :joy::joy:

E: I’m a nimrod, you’re in London. Sorry but it’s not cost effective to split the order when I’m in the States :sob::joy:


Yeah cool either way

Not really planning on spending 400 on vesc though

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You want to trade a unity for a “high quality” flipsky? Sure thing broseph :joy:

I’ve got two 6.6 singles still in the packaging, we can make the worst trade of your life if you like.


Not just 2 flipsky for the unity add something with it and we have a deal

He should add his nipples he cut off. :wink:


Sure thing

I want insured postage with them though (high quality @brenternet product)

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Ill add a fuck you, they cost more than a unity. How do you think trades work? You add something.


Which ones do you have the basic ones are 155$ each 300$ in pound is 235£ so I am not giving that unity away for the price I bought it for after having to wait 2 months for it

Wet… so wet…




Yeah I’m not downtrading something you need more than I do because you put some kind of value on your time that doesn’t matter to me in the slightest.

There’s a lesson here


Ok then scrap that

I can sell the unity on forum for £250 or £300

Which ones do you have though

4.20, one is broken

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