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WTT/SELL TB 12s2p 30Q for a 10s (US)

Hasn’t been used at all, not even plugged in. Doesn’t come with the enclosure.

  • XT90
  • 30Q
  • 12s BMS charge/discharge 30A, 80A peak
  • On/Off switch
  • LCD indicator
  • 2A 12s Charger
  • Velcro straps included

Preferable a 10s3p.

24 23 44 06

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How much ?

$290, shipped within the US

People are gonna want to know what particular 18650 cells it is made of. Any info about the bms max current rating would help as well.

Title says 30Q. Updated the description with bms specs

Sorry, I looked at the title but didn’t see it. Was looking for it in the description.

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interested sent you a pm

Did this battery ever sell?

still available?

Need it. Like yesturday