[WTT/WTS] BKB 36T pulley (new)

I have two brand new BKB 36T pulley. I thought they are alright for 107/110mm wheels. But later found out I need 40T for the top speed and torque of my needs. I want to trade my new 36T for 40T in decent condition. I will pay for shipping as well.

If no one wants to trade, It’s for sale with complete hardware, support bearing and kegel core adaptor. Thanks! Edit: location: Southern California, US only.

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Good luck. I’ve been waiting for @JLabs to get the 40t in stock. They are like unicorns. Hard and/or impossible to find. He said he’ll have it in stock at the end of this month.

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Oh really? I have been waiting for a long time, that’s some good news.

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funny, I’m in the exact same boat. thought 107s would be fine on 36t after upgrading from 90s. i was wrong :joy: the torque is so much less

Lol i have two sets of 40t :smiling_imp:


Sell it to me.

Edit: I have no shame. I shouldn’t do this to the OP since it’s his thread. Haha my bad.

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Not selling lol

Aw. What a tease. :sob:

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You guys know @psychotiller sells some right? I know they arent press fit but still https://psychotiller.com/product/40t-x-12mm-wide-abec-11-drive-pulley

Yea, I know. All my belts and motor pulleys are 15mm. So there’s no turning back now. Way too much 15mm crap.

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Wanna trade? :smirk:

I need 15mm. That’s 12mm.

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I have BKB 40T ones but only the pulley part, I don’t have the abec nor Kegel adapter. It’s for sale if anyone’s interested. 2 pieces. Was gonna use it for an upcoming build but I think I’ll go for bolt on ones

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