Www.psychotiller.com BLACK FRIDAY Mic Drop


3 day deal Friday-Saturday-Sunday TKP Mounts $120 per pair All enclosures $40 6369 motors $240 a pair

11/22 11:59pm Thurday night to 11:59pm Friday night

From Midnight to Midnight All custom dual drive builds will be $2000 shipped (USA only)

From Midnight to Midnight All custom dual drive builds will be $1800 shipped worldwide All international builds are shipped without battery.

No exceptions on midnight to midnight deals. If you’re a day early or a minute late We aren’t going to negotiate with esk8 terrorists.

Time frame on custom builds will be dependent on the number of builds we sell.

Q and A -Will you build me a board using a loaded deck, double kingpin trucks, and Trampa gummies? NOPE!!! -Will you build me a Trampa? NOPE!!! -I really want an Evolve but I don’t like their price. Will you NOPE!!!

Clearly we’re doing something right. Buy what we’re sellin’ Or don’t. No hard feelings.

List of available parts for Custom builds: All models of Redember Decks or Jet Killshot. You choose color. You choose Drop thru or Top mount SurfRodz RKP or TKP trucks. You choose color 10s5p or 12s4p 30q battery with Charge only BMS and 2a Charger Sixshooter Wheels (16/60 or 16/42 gearing) or choice of Abec 97mm or 107mm wheels (16/36 or 16/40 gearing) 6369 200kv motors, or 6374 190kv motors Enertion Unity speed Controller 2.4 mini Remote Altar Wedge or Lorimer Burst or Argonaut Enclosure psycho%204 psycho%202 psycho%206


best deal in esk8, hands-down.


I’d jump on this without hesitation if I didn’t start my own build this year. I gotta save up for the next one! The end-all mic drops for black Friday is right here!


Pull the triggered…you won’t regret it :call_me_hand:



Just to clarify, all enclosures are the same price, regardless of what it says on the site? Some of the prices are different.

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Yup. Same price


Which one of your enclosures holds a 12s6p pack with 2 Focbox?

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@psychotiller u think the large argonaut enclosure will fit this deck? 42 inch Long 9.5 inch wide total but don’t know how much space between wheel wells and it only arrives next week… image

The altar wedge


Almost positive it would fit


Freakin awesome… how Long do you reckon shipping to shanghai would take? 2 weeks? Also shipping is 5 bucks more than the enclosure itself :man_facepalming: . I was going to make my own enclosure with fibre glass but my friend’s workshop which I’m going to be using doesn’t have heating and it’s cold af now and he tells me the resin won’t cure properly at too Low of a temp so when I saw this deal I almost squealed like a 5 year old.

probably 1 or 2 weeks


@psychotiller you offer any package deals would like to get truc… street rods, mounts, six shooters and and enclosure that fits tree nutter 44…Please pm…


Evo Enclosure is included?

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Included with what? A custom complete? Yeah! No problem


Included in the Black Friday? You only mentioned three enclosures in your lineup

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@psychotiller do the dimensions of the stealth 18 enclosure include the flange? Also, I’m not seeing the discounted price for it on the site. (sorry about the double contact, I’m eager to get in on this while I can)

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Dope deal! Good luck with al those orders :slight_smile:

Reminder put in my calendar :smiley: Where do we put the order? Special link on the site, PM you somewhere? And for us outside US, as of when GMT can we start bombarding you? :stuck_out_tongue: (reminder is set noon 12:00gmt Friday ftm - Correction: reminder set at 08:00gmt as thats 1 min after “live”)


3 lines down my man…3 lines down