x1 10S LiPo or x2 5S LiPo in Series?

Hey guys,

I am at the battery stage of my build and trying to figure out which one is the best option. Should i buy a 10s LiPo battery pack or should i buy two 5s Battery packs and make them into a 10s series. Or is it the same thing? are there any extra benefits?

I was thinking if i buy a 10s lipo pack i can wire it in parallel to another 10s for more board time? would this work?

it’s the same thing except when you buy 2x 5s you can swap from parallel to series. And when one cell goes bad. You only have a 5s pack that is bad instead of a 10s pack. would go with the 2x5s

ahh okay thanks. what if i wanted to parallel two 10s batteries using this setup… Would i have to series two sets of 5s batteries and then parallel them up? or wouldn’t that work?

you need 4 x5s lipo’s

2x 2 in series makes 10s with 2* capacity.

How big would you like your capacity to be? 10s*8000mah has a bigger range than the space cell pro 3. So you don’t really need the parallel battery

how big is that range? would just two 5s batteries with high capacity be enough? or would i be better with more batteries?

I have researched a lot about this but still get confused a bit

space cell pro 3 has a range of 30km. (advertised on enertion site)

and is 7500mah 10s

you can get 5s zippy flightmax 8000mah if I’m correct. put 2 of those in series.

ahh that sound great, but doesn’t it all depend on top speed too? the faster you go the less range you get? i plan on going around 25-28 MPH

Depends on hillgrade , speed, how many times you stop and accelerate again. etc

I get over 10 km on 20kph, perfectly flat, and cruisin without braking and stopping, with a 6s 5000mah zippy

ahh oka thanks, I think 2 5S 8000mah will do fine, if not then ill upgrade them

what was your C (discharge) rate?

i have 25C 5000mah so 125A

you should be fine with 20c 8000mah = 160A or even 15C 8000mah = 120A

http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_32216__ZIPPY_Flightmax_8000mAh_5S1P_30C_UK_Warehouse.html?strSearch=5s%208000mah this one for example

Yeah, that was the one i was looking at. Two of those in a series should do the job.

Oh i am also running a dual motor, does this make a difference or not?

it does not

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YHi I am trying to make a eskate board on a budget and need some help choosing the best lipo I want to used 2 motor and 2 esc (cheap ones) without burning them out on the first go these what I have buy already

High quality Anti Spark switch

NEW Detachable Led Switch

4 oz PCB Safe for batteries up to 12S 12AWG in/out wires always pre-assembled 40 to 100amps fuse (optional) XT60 or XT90 connectors (optional) Led switch in different colours (optional)

Motor Schaltet: 18T Spannung: 10S Lipo RPM / V: 190kv Innenwiderstand: 0,028 Ohm Max Belastung: 65A Max Leistung: 2450W Wellen - Ø: 8,0mm Bolzenlöcher: 32mm Bolzengewinde: M4 Gewicht: 697g Motorstecker: 4 mm

ESC Max Cont Strom: 60A Max Burst Strom: 80A für 10 Sekunden Eingangsspannung: 2-6 Zellen Li-XX oder 6-16 Ni-MH / Ni-Cd - Batterie BEC: 5,5V / 6A Switching BEC PWM: 8 ~ 16 KHz Max RPM: 240,000rpm für 2 Pole Brushless Motor PCB Größe: 50x32x12mm Gewicht: 63g (inklusive Kabel) ** Programmierkarte benötigt Einstellung zu ändern

I would highly recommend a different esc, as this one will have no brakes or very hard ones. Get a rc car esc or a vesc

Anything in mind

Do you have any cheap one in mind please

Focbox. Good choice

That’s pretty thic for your enclosure. :sweat_smile: