Xerxes 4x6374 12s6p 41" beast

This board started out as a @torqueboards Pro3 kit build. I’m 5’7“, so I didn’t want or need a board with a super wide stance. I chose the Madrid Paddle Board deck it feels just perfect for me with a 31" wheelbase 9.75" width, a symmetrical design and small but usable kick tails. Kick turns are possible, but not terribly easy, still beats picking up your board to turn it around! Here are the basic specs:

12s6p LG2’s arranged in three trapezoidal rectangles so that it’s 12x3x2. Built by @psychotiller

4x Torqueboards 190kv 6374 motors

Geared 16x36, although I do have 20t motor gears…

4x 280x15mm belts

4x Torqueboards inrunner motor mounts

Torqueboards 218 hangers on 44 degree Caliber two baseplate with riptide pivot cups, standard riptide barrels over cubbies.

1/2" risers

Muir skate beasto built-ins bearings

Abec 11 107mm fly wheels

Modified micro controller

Y PPM splitter connects front and rear master vescs

4x Fvesc 6.6 setup with a master and slave both front and back. 80A motor max 30A battery max -15A brakes, - 6V regen

8awg silicone wire built into battery, and running the connection from the back to the front

8awg loop key

10awg silicone wires trough 5x parallel connector in back with standard parallel connector in front to vescs

20a 5v step down for future reactive lighting system etc

Custom “Xerxes” enclosure made by @psychotiller mounted with wood inserts and machine screws

Pictures soon to follow.





Okay, after first test ride, I need to increase braking, and smooth out throttle response a bit. Also, need to afix motor wires better too. But this thing is bonkers cruises at 10+ by just barely cracking the throttle. I’m waiting on the fourth vesc, but even with just three motors it would climb relatively steep hills at 25mph with perhaps half throttle. Dang.


That esk8s a beast. Good job my dude.


How much money did you spend overall? This thing is insane!


Well, I probably have 30+ hours in it if you count trips to psychotiller’s and the hardware store. Lots of things had to be done over again when I got a better solution to the problem. So, out of pocket something like:

$150 deck

$15 for vicious grip tape

$10 for truck hardware and risers

$35 for bushings

$60 for 44 degree caliber 2 base plates

$500 for battery

$80 for enclosure

$60 Torqueboards 218 trucks

$130 Torqueboards motor mounts

$500 Torqueboards motors

$25 Belts

$75 Torqueboards 36t wheel pulleys

$35 Torqueboards 16t motor pulleys

$75 Wire and connectors

$15 Solder

$600 four Flipsky 6.6 vescs

$90 drvwizzard vesc repair

$125 107mm flywheels (genuine)

$20 Muirskate beasto built-ins bearings

$75 misc connectors and wire

$30 micro remote and reciever

$60 4A charger

Or about $2750


Holy fuuuuck, that’s a lot of money to put on a board man, was is it really worth it?

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Well, practically speaking a 2wd is Plenty, so it would still be pretty cool for $600-$700 less, perhaps $900 less with a smaller battery. But, this thing was all about rediculousness the test ride was mind blowing, and someone was so impressed that they wanted to buy one. Plus, the four belts sound soooo cool, it almost sounds like turbines. I learned a lot getting the board to this stage, and built friendships along the way. So, if it were just for the board itself, probably not worth it. But for having the coolest thing I’ve ever owned, for all I learned along the way, having more friends and social opportunities, for what it’s done to improve my mental and physical health, for how riding an Esk8 has boosted my skill on a traditional skateboard, for all the stories and battle scars, and for the huge smile inducing rediculousness TOTALLY WORTH It!


Just for comparison the current boosted stealth board has 2100w of power and a 14 mile range. This thing’s got a max of about 12,500w and has a likely range of 20-30 miles. I doubt it could draw enough power from the battery to max out motor watts, but you get the idea. Whoa, just noticed that’s 1.25 Gigawatts, the DeLorean only needed 1.21 Gigawatts! (correction, that’s 12.5 Kilowatts


That’s how much serious builds cost TBH. I mean like he said, 2wd would have been $600 less or so, but quality builds cost money.

But once you try quality, you never want generic shit or ratty builds with economy parts ever again…

BTW, cool enclosure shape!


You guys are so devoted to esk8, I wish I had a board that was 2.8k but I’m just a broke 16 year old unlike @GrecoMan who is rich af


Totally agree! If I had the money I would probably do the same thing. Great work


Oh, should have mentioned that with electric skateboards safety is always the highest priority. Don’t cheap out on protective gear! Proper preferably full faced helmet, body armor, proper gloves and shoes, elbow pads hip and knee pads, sunglasses, and at higher speeds Kevlar reinforced pants and top are a good idea. Those all cost money too, frankly you ought to be spending as much in protective gear as you would on your first beginner electric skateboard. I highly recommend gloves with slides or pucks.


lol giga watts


I like this a lot, very nice :+1:

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So tempted to build a 4WD board but I have no-where to put 4 VESCs on my Trucated Tesseract.


Also I’m happy at 30km/h :smiley:

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My jaw is still dropped from this build! man I would love to see some videos!


Def wanna see some videos of this beast too. (With sound) :ok_hand:


I hate to let you know… that’s 1.25 kilowatts not gigawatts… but it’s still stupid powerful! In annoying freedom units, that’s about 16.76 horsepower. About half the HP of an entry level sports bike, and a tenth of the weight of one.

to be giga, it would be 12,500,000,000 watts