XT-90 loop key - very difficult to split

Hi everyone,

I’m making a loop key for my lipo setup and I’m finding the key is really stiff and difficult to remove. It doesn’t just alot into place, you have to put some serious force behind it in order to separate the two.

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to combat it?

Thanks, Daniel

it’s normal bro…that’s why I switch to antispark switch…I couldn’t see myself to pull this thing everytime:joy: I use my board for cummute everyday

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After u break it in, it gets easy… I use my board daily and after about 2 weeks it goes in just fine… Mine is also epoxied into a case so you only have to pull the loop side

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Makes it a lot easier.


put A LITTLE bit of vaseline on the outside so it slides easier

I take needle nose pliers and squeeze the male side of the xt90. a little goes a long way: they will still be secure, but slide in and out a lot more easily :slight_smile:

That’s a cool idea

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Someone please make and sell these :pray:. I’m about two clicks away from buying a 3D printer so I can have what I want when I want. For now i’d Like to just get 1 piece. And the female side for mounting too.

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The problem on mine was that the hole was sightly too small on the box so the female end was squeezed, causing extra pressure.

Thats what she/he saidd!!!

Theres always astroglide which works great as well

Sometimes models shrink, just scale it up 1 or 2 percent.

I had never seen your design before. I was talking about the hole in my actual box being too small causing there to be extra friction on the loop key.

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Ahhh, can you file the edges to make it bigger?

15317026850861109@mmaner 374x500


Printing ur files, one for my new enclosure and one for @i2oadsweepei2


Yes you can

this is why i print my walls thicker on my prints… just incase i need to file anything down i have a solid wall to file into

Do you print your enclosures?

Nope I use fiberglass… I don’t like printed enclosures or kydex cases personally…



@mmaner made me one of the loop key covers and it makes it a lot easier.