XT60 male vs female debate

XT60s are weird as one end has male bullet connectors and a female plug type and the other has female bullet connectors and a male plug type. Which one do you think is male/female? The plug type or bullet connector type?

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Male connector, female bullet.

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Same as @barajabali

Yeah! I have my own way of thinking about this. It’s how I made this diagram! <img src=“https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/2X/8/80fe6e5a2e158ba3b4727d4bcc0f407b29bab4d6.jpg” width=“600” height="330>

When you @link5505 say other, do you mean other bullet connectors? (Ex: 5.5, 4, 3mm)

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with @barajabali and @lox897, but i do think the side with the female bullet connectors should be on the power source side, and the one with male bullet connectors should be on the load side.

If you have the one with male bullets on the power side, although unlikely, a piece of metal could get in there and short it out fairly easily. whereas with the female bullets its next to impossible.


easiest way to think about is to look at the metal bit. receiving = female, insert lead = male. Same goes for servo cables

I think the easiest way to understand it is to compare it to humans :smiley:

XT connectors are hermaphrodites!:thinking: Karmannghiagirl told you how to wire them!

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Lol. Then what do you call the 4mm HXT connectors? They literally have both parts functioning the way you’d expect them to.

I think the XT60 bullets have to determine which side is male and female since they make the actual connection, even though the connector bodies seem to indicate otherwise. If you removed the connector bodies, what would you be left with?

I agree with what you are saying. But the servo cables are opposite.

Although as far as im concerned you are right. The phallus is always male.

XT60 female w/ male bullet connector, XT60 male w/ female bullet connector

That’s how we should say it just to be safe. :slight_smile:


The fuck does that mean?

Means everybody should note this.

It’s all good as long as they are in their own enclosure…

really? i found the definition to be the same when i looked them up for my receiver

The one on the left should be on the load side. Because you can touch both pins with your finger at the same time. It is dangerous if it is connected to the power source.


this is a servo male to male: http://www.radioc.co.uk/v/vspfiles/photos/4531-2.jpg

although as far as I’m concerned its obviously female to female… I’m happy to continue to be wrong about this.

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It provides further confusion when some sellers call one lead female and other sellers call the same lead male…

maybe we should just ask the connectors what gender they are and which pronouns they prefer, rather than trying to assign arbitrary socially constructed gender norms on them…