Xt90 connectors. female/male?

hey guys u was wondering if the connectors types matter. as in female and male. obviously they have to connect but can i have 2 female connectors on my watt meter or two male connectors on the meter or does it have to be female/male or male/female.

here is my wiring diagram, can anyone help me with me f/m connectors?

also my antispark switch has the IN side and OUT side. Is the IN side connected to the battery?

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Orientation is important to keep live wires from shorting the ones that has the “female” tubes should go on the battery side. As you can see on your connector, there’s less metal exposed hence less prone to shorts. The IN goes to the battery on the AntiSpark.

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so f/m left to right?

could you show me on my diagram?

Dont think of it as left/right. Think of it as things that always have current. So, for batteries you use the ones with sockets (female):

For the rest it doesnt really mattery, but i would put a female on the OUT of the antispark, to keep things organized and consistent.

i already have that on the battery, i was just wondering what to use for the “?” on the diagram. f/m left to right on the diagram?

Use a female on the left, keep it constent with the wiring.

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