XT90 Loopkey Holder - STLs available

So some people have asked me about my XT90 antispark loopkey which I posted here. I decided to post the link to the STLs here so that everyone can print it for themselves.

I got tired of struggling to remove my old loopkey which didn’t really offer much of a grip and decided to print one myself. IMG20190223014012

I’ve made some changes since the post mainly due to the fact that I was having problems keeping the loopkey seated while pulling it in and out of the plug. I’ve since added an M3x20 screw to prevent the key from sliding back when plugging in, the design of the holder prevents it from sliding out when plugging out.




Solderup the XT90 as compactly as possible as per the photograph. Here I soldered using a 12AWG wire (without silicone).

Print the holder parts, shove the XT90 in as far as it goes, it should be almost flush. Check to see that the lid will close properly, if not either melt the lid slightly or adjust the loopkey wire.

An M3x20 screw prevents the XT90 from sliding backwards when inserting the plug. The M3x20 should NOT touch the metal parts of the XT90.

I then filled the cavity with hotglue and covered it up with the lid.

For the enclosure side, it’s more straightforward, just print out the necessary parts, cut the hole into the enclosure and screw it altogether.

You can download the file from here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3449247


Thanks, Super idea, i bookmark thinkgiverse now! I will try to make a mod so it will be possible to ‘store/plug/hold’ it on the remote control: i always have to search it on my messy garage…