Xt90 series connector

Ok so my Xt90 series connector broke and I was going to solder it back to together but I am not sure with plugs I should solder together. It was the one without any wires.

Need pictures

Oh I figured it out

Need a little help here! :slight_smile: I made a DIY compact xt90 series connector and wanted to know if this thing gonna frie my batteries. Just in case I did miss a thing. Many thanks!


Maybe I’m fried from working on batteries all day but this hurts my head

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The connector with black silicone…

If you’re going 12S would have made the male one an antispark but otherwise looks good to me. Would have worried a bit about making a little spark gap without them coated but looks good now.

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Thanks @wafflejock

I’m assuming this was designed to put four batteries in series right? if so, did it work?