XT90S without case - doable?

Hi guys,

I just had a look at the AS150 because I wanted to do an AS version of this: which is just two bullet connectors right now.

The AS150 is massive though (7mm diameter apparently) and I was wondering if one could simply remove the plugs from the XT90 case and still have them functioning the way they should and get a smaller version of the same thing. I’d obviously put shrinkwrap around just like with the bullets you see above but i have not seen how the AS function is connected inside the XT90S and maybe some of you have.

Not sure if this will work as I am pretty sure the bullet with the limiting resistor in it isn’t one solid bullet but 2 half length ones, can’t say for certain though and I don’t have any to dissect

that’s what I thought. But maybe they are glued together or something, so that once you put shrinkwrap around them they hold fine? I don’t know and haven’t found any pictures of the thing open to see inside.

Maybe adding a thin plastic tube around the outside and gluing the bullets into that would work

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That just gave me an idea, what about a fraken-bullet, just get a normal female bullet and cut it in half, then glue the two pieces into a tube and connect the two pieces with a small resistor

so this? https://shop.hepf.com/Modellsport-Zubehoer/Stecker/Jeti-Anti-Blitzstecker-4mm::7750.html image

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Or ya could cut the the xt90 in half mount the female to the enclosure and use the male to plug in?

that’s the pragmatic way :smiley:

Yep, he must have stolen my idea hah

Well apparently they look like this inside

which would be exactly what @pat.speed said but which is kinda ugly to just put shrinkwrap around.

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if its going to save critical space why noy, you are not going to look at it when you use your board anyways

It’s not just about looks but i’d be scared to break the resistor off when there is no rigid plastic around it holding it in place. that solder joint seems rather flimsy.