YeePlay/Koston Deck Swap | Samsung 30q 10s4p Upgrade

I’ve been riding a YeePlay M1-22 as my main board since I received it in January as my DIY board was out of action and I couldn’t find the time to sort it out…

This board was sent to me by YeePlay to test and review. However, my views on this board are completely unbiased.

Needless to say, as you can see from the photos, the components of this board are VERY much like a Meepo, it seems to use the same hubs and I imagine the same ESC, (it certainly looks the same). However I believe YeePlay use better quality battery packs. It’s also cheaper than a Meepo which in my view makes it the best option for new comers to the sport… The remote is your regular Winning V2 remote used with Meepo too.

After 3 months of regular use, (5 mile rides around 4 days per week), it’s still going very strong and there’s no sign of anything breaking or failing. The stock battery seems to last around 8 miles.

I’ve come to realise however, that the deck itself isn’t that great, a bit too stiff and the shape isn’t very comfortable for long rides and at least isn’t too my personal liking, so I decided to do a deck swap recently…

All in all though, I can highly recommend a YeePlay deck for casual riders and very much for new comers…

Here’s a link to their site:

The Original Deck

The Deck Swap

Once that was done, I decided the risers were too stiff and too high and I wanted to upgrade the bushes and bearings…


I have to say, now that I’ve upgraded the bearings and most of all the bushes, as well as a 10mm rubber riser, the board feels like a completely different premium board… I think this is partly to do with the upgraded battery as well :confused: lol (Samsung 30q 10s4p).