Your favorite esk8 moment thus far

I thought it would be good to spread some positivity on the forum and remember why we are all here. Tag a couple of people you’d like to hear from if you want.

What was your favorite/best esk8 moment to date?

For me, believe it or not, it was laying the box down that contained my Evolve GTX and opening it up. That smell of bamboo, fresh griptape and rubber was amazing. It wasn’t my first board but it was in a class of it’s own in my mind and the sense of adventure it gave me was awe inspiring.

It’s something we don’t really experience with diy I suppose. Most of our parts arrive in old sweet boxes (shoutouts to haggy) or shitty bubble wrap in dribs and drabs.

I obviously grew to absolutely despise that board and eventually returned it because it was atrocious and dangerous. But not even evolve can take that box opening from me (and all the swag that I kept)

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When I tried a really powerful/torquey board for the first time and almost fell off :smile:. Now I am used to it and it is still really fun but I don’t get that pure joy that I got the first time

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My best moment was finishing my not so comfortable first build/most recent build. (not for long :grin: ).

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My best moment thus far was when i did my range test ride on my hybrid style AT board. (pic below) the feeling that i built it and it performed better then the production boards in it’s catagory (aka evolve) and was cheaper was incredible!0417191704b_HDR

While on this note of favorite esk8 times today is my birthday and as i look back at this year the major highlight of it is esk8! It’s amazing what i have accomplished esk8 wise this year and its all thanks to all of you that are part of this community so thank you!

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The very first sound of BLDC on my first build, knowing that ‘oh shit, i made it work’.


Beating a boosted v2+ in a drag race with my 100mm Meepo hubs after swapping in the Unity. Shit eating grin the whole day.


New York, DC, LA and SF ride was amazing


The first fall I took while wearing my TSG Pass where I hit a fucking rock at 3 mph and managed to roll out of it without dinging my precious noggin cap.

Or maybe when my friend tried out my board yesterday and promptly shot it out from underneath him because he couldn’t keep his booger hook from mashing the bang switch


Really hard to say, I enjoyed pretty every minute on my boards. Still get nervous each time I put my things together to go for a ride as I know as soon as left the road I push my board and me to the actual limits I can manage :joy:…or sometimes not manage :roll_eyes: I would say this years highlight was when I finally received the parcel from @sender with half of all the parts I need for my this years builds and I collected over half a year long.


I have to thank @revel_flo for getting me excited about esk8ing I never heard of it before 2017. When I bought my first revel drive it wasn’t even for esk8ing I was creating a powered roller suit. And I did but the prototype looks totally silly since I built on a very small budget and y’all ain’t ever going to get picks or vids of that nonsense. Once I decided to slap it on a magneto deck and learn to ride it I was almost hooked just didn’t climb up the hills well. So I purchased another $800 unit and made my first 4x4. This was the bee’s knees for me, I can’t even go back to 2wd now… sketch-1551856875419


Ever is a long time friend :smiling_imp:

I’ll be waiting patiently

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30th November 2017 4:43pm when i got my firat esk8 parts ever. such a good smell 20171130_164027


Eh maybe one day maybe once I’m a millionaire and only if I run a presidential campaign. I here looking like a dumb ass gets you a lot of votes here in the states.


The first ride with my DIY build totally blew my previous wowgo experiences out of the water. Soft ride and more power than I could dream of (at the time) was amazing. That said the best thing about esk8 was finally getting my board all put together and spun up the motors. It’s at 1am and we were tired of troubleshooting; but when it worked everyone yelled a “woohoo” of relief and success. That was the best.


Getting my first battery to take a charge. Knew nothing about nothing, it was magic.


When I switched from dual 5065’s to dual 6374’s IMG_7252


Day I first got a like from you babygirl x

What a gross display of sacharin. You’re so thirty its sickening.

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Mine was convincing all my buddies during finals week to go out for one last ride before we all parted ways over the summer.



The fatdaddy kart event in The Hague


Stumbling upon the VESC on internet many years back, realising the creator was doing his PhD at the same university as me. Then beeing invited to Vedders house to ride an esk8 for the first time(dual Sk3s, nearly shat my pants). Riding with him in his neighbourhood with a smile from ear to ear. From that moment I knew I was hooked.

Ben beeing super humble towards a soon to be graduate explaning the basics of motorcontrol enhanced the experience as well.