Youtube Video Ideas

I’d love to make some more eboard videos but am lacking ideas. If you have any videos you want to see being made, suggest them here!

Bike vs eSk8? I feel like a lot of people don’t see the user of an electric board compared to a cheaper, larger Bike.


Do a drag race with other esk8’'s and what @Pantologist said.

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I like this, maybe I could have statistics in there somewhere. Similar to this

I made a drag race video the other day. Good fun.


I don’t have anyone to drag race with :confused:

@anon46525265 make some spare boards for your mates :wink:

My friend has access to an electric bike, would anyone like to see a comparison/race video?

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I would have done that already of money wasn’t an issue! :slight_smile:

Except make the other ones slightly slower, without making them suspicious (one pulley tooth less, one battery cell less, etc). :wink:

some ideas

  • cool esk8 routes in your town
  • latest upgrades on your esk8
  • the process of the building your esk8
  • reviews of similar components (controllers, bearings, wheels)
  • tutorials to help other people to make their boards (how to configure the vesc)

this is what i do on my youtube channel :slight_smile:

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I like the build videos where the footage speed is increased, so a 3 hour build ends up being a 20 min video.

I would love to see skate videos of famouse historic places…Castles, churches, etc.

I’ve got one of a ride through the university were I live going up in a couple of days, my editing software crapped out. .

I may be able to get some cool shots in historic places, I just have to finish my board. Living in Italy means having tons of monuments everywhere, i already have some cool Ideas :smirk:. I’m also planning on doing a full build video tutorial while I make

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I’m jealous… History, fettuccine, i would die a happy man :). Looking forward to your ride videos.

@SirDiff I second @mmaner pizza and pasta is all I need :pizza: :spaghetti:

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Are there any requests for a video when we will have 4+ riders together I Melbourne next week? Possibly with some evolve riders joining

That would be cool, do split screen with all 4 cams.