Yuneec ego hardware for sale

For sale all the hardware from a yuneec ego. The hardware includes:

  1. -------------- (no motor)
  2. Batteries - defective
  3. Battery cover
  4. Controller (modded for always on light)-SOLD
  5. Esc with antispark plug (modded with arctic silver paste for heat disspiation and rotated for standalone use)- SOLD
  6. Wheels (with reds, one has a small chunk from the edge removed but does not affect performance)
  7. Trucks with mount and pulley
  8. Misc- screws, motor cover and fan assy, some rubber pads, etc)

I have the deck but its pretty trashed and would be extra due to shipping if you want it.

Asking $170 paypal shipping included (priority usps) conus only.



if you would be willing to sell the controller and receiver alone let me know.


ECU and controller SOLD.


I reduced the price of the sale. Also, i eliminated the motor because I tried taking it apart and completely trashed it. :astonished:

If you want just the ESC and the Controller i can do that for $120.

I’ll include the cables necessary for a new motor connection as seen on the photo, or if you already have a yuneec motor, just plug it in!!

Forgot to mention that the controller has a modification for permanent lights on and the button is loose inside.

Also the ESC comes with an xt-90 plug that came with an antispark (but the antispark is actually on the battery side).

How much for trucks and mount? !

The trucks and mount are $100. But you might as well get the trucks, mount, esc, controller, wheels with super reds (cept for two bearings which are stock) for $170 shipped. I think its a good deal.

Everything fits on a large priority usps box which is $18 shipping and im willing to absorb that cost. However, now that I think it through a little, I am not including the battery cover. If you want it, it would be an extra $20 due to the additional shipping costs because it doesn’t fit in a large usps priority box.

What’s the length on trucks

Pm me some measurements and a pic brotha, and I’ll probably buy it

I’m pretty sure the trucks are standard 180mm. I can measure them with a caliper and get a bunch of pics when I get home this afternoon.

It’s ok I got mount and tricks new 10 in trucks for 60$ total, might be interested in the vesc weekdays the ratings on it

Interested in selling just the plastic motor mount?

Im interested in selling the entire thing :grin::grin::grin:

Had to ask. All my other parts are good. I’ve just bashed the motor mount a bit and I figured it would be good to have a spare :wink:

Some photos of the stuff I’m selling. The walnut arbor axis deck is not included obviously. Also the original bushings are included not the green ones in the photo.

I can include the deck and the battery cover but buyer pays shipping.

All of this stuff for $170!

Also there are four sets of 90mm wheels. Im only showing two on the photo.

Bump. Im open to offers.

Ebay listing:

Hello Lizardking,

Would you send me the pack ECU + Remote and ship it in France ? I need it badly ! thanks

Sure. as long as you pay the shipping I’ll ship anywhere.

Cool did you receive my postal address?