Yuneec ego WH in stock battery

Does anyone reckon the amount of watt hours in the battery pack of yuneecs ego electric skateboard? Thanks in advance.

According to the datasheet the typical capacity for each cell is 2750mah. Since it is in a 3p or 3 parallel configurationit should be around 8250mah.

im looking for a yuneec motor…

According to Yuneec the battery is 7,800 MAh. But what’s the watt hours?

Federal aviation only allows 100WH for a lithium battery pack. Can a Yuneec ego be checked in??

I think the battery is 7S.

25.9 volts at nominal x 7.8 = 202.02 wh

It may be 8S though…

it has 202 wh on the sticker on the inside of the battery (removed from board)