Yuneec Ego1 rebuild/repair

im getting 3 yellow lights and vibrations on the remote. tech support said ECU needs replacement ($100 for new ecu). my android app said Battery Overload ($300 for new battery). so which one is it???

to repair, i like to use as much generic parts as possible. hopefully it’s not the ECU, so let’s replace the battery first. im told 10s would eventually fry the ESC according to the folks at EndlessSphere. let’s stay safe since im not a speed freak either and need only 10miles range. (i weigh 160lbs) how about 8s? so the cheapest is 2 4s in serial correct? i will also need a charger… since i dont think i can use the Yuneec charger, correct?
which charger and batteries do you recommend from Hobby King?

do i need a different power on/off switch? can i use the original with the new battery pack?

after replacing the batteries and the unit still doesnt work, then let’s replace the ECU. which from HobbyKing? can i still use the Yuneec remote or must buy new?

i did google but shockingly there are no how-to tutorials video. i see various photos here and there and plenty of text but it doesnt make sense to a newbie like me.

please help. seems such a waste to throw everything away and buy brand new and i want to gradually ease into DIY once i have enough confidence of how all the parts work.

since i couldnt get any advice, i went ahead and ordered a Meepo board. the price is so low, if it breaks, im not gonna cry about it. seems the parts are not proprietary so i can easily replace in the future too as for the Yuneec, parts are being sold on ebay now. :slight_smile:

HI… I am in the same situation, and I’ve seen that quite a few others have had Yuneec E-go (version 1 and 2) where the ECU dies out. Rather than pay $100 for another Yuneec ECU, I would love to try to replace it with a super budget ESC.

I know this topic is old, but can anyone let me know if this ESC would work with the Yuneec stock motor and batteries?

HobbyKing Red Brick 70A ESC

Thanks for any info anyone can provide!