Zenboard technology

https://www.zenboardtechnology.com Has anyone heard of zenboard technology? They’re about to launch a kickstarter and it looks like one of the coolest production boards I’ve seen. image image

It’s a carbon fiber deck with planetary gear hubs and which appear to have a good amount of 74a thane around them. The board is also controlled by what they call flowcontrol, which senses your body weight to accelerate. Seems interesting, what are your thoughts?

Hub looks like Stary componentry. Didn’t they rip a ton of people off?


yeah only ran off with about 700k.


Stary remake. Flowcontrol? The more unproved concepts, the dodgier this feels. Lost count of the amount of kickstarters that fail to deliver, XTND is another one that was hyped as fuck. Floating remote charge dock station and “Artificial Inteligence” inside the board…loool. They still havn’t delivered, soon two years later.

On a positive note tho. The planetary gear motor is a good concept, it will be noisy as fuck with straight gears, but good concept nonetheless.


Isn’t that an Australian company?

I had myself a stary board that broke in 2 days. But I still kept the planetary hub ! It’s very powerful and works well. Tho it makes so much noise even more than belts.


Would be intresting to do a verision with helical gears for noise reduciton, not sure how well it would hold up mechanically tho. Or if its even economically viable

looks like any another cheap chinese hub board to me…

edit: I take it back it looks more polished than the chinese counterparts. For 1300usd, i think it could be a nice competitor to the mainstream boards

No remote, No go.


Right? Its gimmicky at best, life-threatening at worst…

I’ll stick with reliable remotes

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Kickstarters are a risk i am not willing to take anymore. Looks like a cool design though :neutral_face:

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When it’s in-stock, and has a remote, let’s talk about it


Would hardly call it a production board when only cute renders exist… :roll_eyes: To me it looks like a prime example of a scam. Don’t waste your money.


When riding on a board you constantly move on the board and shift your weight, these weight sensing boards are obviously designed by someone that has never skated because it’s just not smart.

The only way I’d ride a board with no remote is if its a regular push board.


stay far away, this board is just another cheap chinese gimmick… no remote, no control.

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Like the reduced gearing. No remote no way. I’d be jerking around all over the place with that shit. I move around all over the board when I’m riding.
@anon42702729 mate I think so. Sure they were at that Melbourne tech show last year. Much less refined product but the same weight concept.

oooo that looks really good, I have been wondering why nobody integrated the truck baseplate and the deck yet.

There it goes … :point_down:image


I am curious what are the reasons

Well my guess would be high costs, low income. 22k isn’t much to build such a complicated product. I went to check the campaign and there’s no way this board goes 22 miles with this deck even if it was full of batteries (which apparently is not the case as it requires sensors)

Edit: this project is pretty nice too: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1855079651/affordable-top-of-the-line-electric-skateboard?ref=discovery&term=electric%20skateboard :sweat_smile: