Zenithal | Dual 6374 190Kv Sensored | 107MM | 10S3P 30Q | VESC4

"ZENITHAL : of, relating to, or located at or near the zenith"

Deck Hi5ber Zenith(thanks to @jct1212 for letting this beauty go) (and thanks to @Cobber for replying on the for sale post exactly when I was browsing the forum or I might’ve missed it :rofl:) $170

Trucks Caliber II 50° front, TB 218mm rear $65 Mounts Idler mounts from @marcmt88 $100 Motors 1x @JLabs 6374 190Kv $120, 1x TB 6374 190Kv $105 Wheels Evolve ABEC11 F1 SuperFly 107mm $170 Gearing 15/40 15mm with 15mm belt $100 Bindings Freebord S2 $30 Battery 10S3P 25R $160 UPGRADED TO 30Q Battery Enclosure Carbon Fiber 13" by @MasterCho $70 VESC 4.12 w/upgraded SMD caps and 2x1600uf electrolytic caps $130 VESC Enclosure Aluminum,thermal contact to fets, weather resistant $60 Approx total cost as listed above $1200, projected end cost about $1400

It’s home :wink:


As it typically goes…I couldn’t wait to give this beauty a spin, single 6374 till I get new truck


Are those the wheels you’ll be using? What wheels are they anyway?

Those are the MBS 100mm, I’ll be sticking with them for now. The weight difference with cf deck is shocking, had to dial down throttle to compensate lol Can’t say I’m missing the kick tail too much, this one has a very minor tail, enough for what I need which is turning the board without bending down

I like the wheels, they look awesome.

How heavy is the deck? I couldn’t find the weight via google.

Like 3-4lbs tops, maybe lighter lol It came with the bumper on the front and rear, quite durable, steel lined. I’m thinking of wrapping entire edge and integrating an el strip into it.


Going to need to figure out a way to get shredlights mount to work with this…


Use a single penny braket towards the rear

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Lol good timing was just looking at the boosted mount too, not worth $10, penny it is :grin:

@Mastercho enclosure arrived :joy:

Gonna stick 8S4P in it(not these cells) Padding installed


Be careful setting those bare cells in the carbon enclosure(if its real CF). It could possible have continuity, ask me how i know :stuck_out_tongue: .


Lol I know that’s why it’s padded now :rofl:


thumbs up good stuff. I scared myself half to death finding that out.

The build looks great man, I’ll keep checking this thread. I bought one of those mounts, so i’m stoked to try them.

Extended trucks arriving tomorrow should be done with build over the weekend :sunglasses:

Dang dude, looks fantastic! Does indeed match the deck perfectly! :smiley:

I’m thinking of permanently attaching the enclosure and make a hinged opening out the back. CF match really is superb.


One down one to go

Done and done @Lionkev55 :wink:


Wow so I’ve been missing out apparently, riding with bindings is amazing, being able to push forward or up and backwards instead of down with your leading foot makes sharp cornering way easier I’m only using the front for now


Cells prepped for spot-welding😉

.210mm I’m using the Sunkko 788H, 85/2 on Neg & 75/2 on Pos, 85/2 on series and any layered welds Tabs spotwelded for balance leads Adhesive lined shrink to prevent balance tabs from shorting, fiberglass board for support on flat side 212AWG connecting the 2 halves, BMS for charge only, 12AWG from battery As if it was made to fit :grin:


Enclosure Ports: PlugNPlay Battery, Switch, Charge Port, Voltmeter