Zero 11x scooter 72V

those massive Esc’s are for single motor only the triad wiring is to only handle the current.

And while they look good who has ever tested them?

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With only 1600w x 2 isn’t a 300a esc little excessive?

I know HV stuff are harder to come by

But those esc’s don’t seem so space efficient all things considered.

Can you advise me which device is ideal for my scooter and where can I buy or make it?

I saw a link on youtube.

5 762 w (battery)

Is it broken?

because ideally if it worked previously just go with it again.

so 20s10p

20 * 4.2v = 84v

10 / (5762/84) * 10 70a

So you’re rocking 200 cells in there nice.

Regenerative breaking is nothing special I wish I had mechanical breaks.

IF you have electronic breaks then you are already rocking the so called regenerative breaking.

Not broken. Scooter is in good condition. I just need a VESC device with ideal parameters.

The battery is connected to 1 controller with 2 motors. I had 1 case. I unlocked speed limiter. A Fuse was broken in high speed. There are 2 fuses. 50 A. I changed only 1 fuse for 70 A. Since this moment I have no problem with scooter.

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50 A fuse was broken

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But why?

O,o WHAT did you do?

I want to make regen braking.

because regen braking is more efficient at higher speeds and large cant.

Do you at this moment have any electronic brake enabled?

If so are you telling me it only transfers the energy to motor heat?

If you’re getting the Trampa Vesc you’ll need two of them as they’re only for a single motor each

If you have money and space in your vehicle then sure why not.

You would need the 100V one as 84v Charged is far grater than 75v.

I always find a place and money for hobbies that I like.

If not for scooter then elecfric scooter chopper.