ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack

I need 2 of the above to put in parallel with my current set up (2 of) to double range and have been waiting 3 months for UK Warehouse to restock but still no joy and no longer shown on back order.

They are available in Australia and Russia.

UK have the 5800 mAh version.

Plan was to have 4 of them so be able to run two boards on short distance or one board on higher range as/when needed.

Anyone any ideas.

I would really consider using 6s(Or my two 3s in series) unless you made the gear radio for 10s. 10s will take 4hours and most chargers are only designed for 6s max(so they turn off after 2 hours to prevent batteries from over heating). I personally have 4 packs of 3s and hook two in series so I end up with two packs of 6s it is twice as thin as what you want better for ground clearance. It also only takes less than an hour to charge my 3s packs cause I have dual charger.

You get longer range hooking in parallel rather in series. Series gives faster speed.

Thank you for reply.

I currently run a 10S set up and have two boards and only 1 set of batteries.

I don’t want to mix different mAh batteries when running 4 together.

If I can’t get hold of the 4000 mAh batteries (that I already use) from HK I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy 4 of the 5800 mAh which are pretty expensive.

Does anyone have a solution to either getting the batteries from HK that are in other warehouses or putting in parallel different mAh batteries?

You cant change the mah of the cells in a battery… but you are correct to not mix different batteries with different c ratings and mah. That could cause problems when they discharge mainly unbalanced cells. Here’s some basics: parallel increase the amps and keeps the voltage the same and series increases the voltage and keeps the amps the same.

If you’re looking for a long term battery solution then make a li-ion battery using 1860 cells. Last way longer than lipos.

I understand how batteries work/behave - c rating on the 4000 and 5800 is the same.

All I want to do is get hold of another two of the same batteries that I purchased from HK. I’ve waited over 3 months for restocking and as they have dropped from back order doubt they will restock.

Does anyone know how to arrange delivery of Lipos from either Australia or Russia to UK?