001 | Jet Invasion Voyager-X | Evolve trucks | Dual 6355s 190kv | Custom 10S4p 30Q | Focbox


Time to post pictures from my first build. I entered the esk8 scene this summer when I bought a Boosted V2 Dual+, my first ever skateboard. While I was happy with the board, I quickly learned that 6 miles goes by very fast. Looked around to see what else does the market offer and quickly learned about Evolve and their products. Really enjoyed the double kingpin wide trucks, I was hooked after the first ride. However, I found their battery and specially the controller / remote to be very twitchy. Coming from the Boosted, it was miles behind.

With the above in mind, I started learning about DIY boards and what people are building. I’m a software engineer with some background in electronics so I thought it would be a nice project to try and build one for myself. Since I enjoyed the carving and feeling of the evolve trucks, I decided to go with them.

Finished board (more pictures below)

Parts list

DB Longboards Freeride DT 38"


Evolve Trucks & Motor mounts

Racerstar 5065 140kv

Custom 10s4p 12Ah battery pack using Samsung 30Q


Enertion @onloop FOCBOX


Enertion @onloop Nano-X remote


@esk8 Enclosure


@esk8 vedder anti spark switch


@rpasichnyk Bluetooth module and metr app


Few notes about the build:


This was very fun to build. Got myself an Arduino spot welder from https://malectrics.eu/product/diy-arduino-battery-spot-welder-prebuilt-kit-v3/ and a cheap 40A / 440CCA car battery. 30Q batteries arrived quickly from nkon.nl, all sitting nicely at 3.6v. I didn’t have room for a Bestech 80A BMS so I decided to hook up a cheap one and bypass it. So far I did about 5 charging cycles (using a 42v 2A charger) and everything looks nice, charging stops at 4.21v per module and then cells drops at 4.2v. I’ll keep monitoring the BMS behaviour but so far so good.

In terms of nickel strips, I used pure nickel strips @ 12mm wide and .15 thickness. I never found a reliable source for A rating (seller said 40A per nickel strip but in other places I found people saying it’s a lot less). I ended up using 2 strips one on top of each other for the parallel modules and 4 strips for serial connections… and, for safety, a nice and thick copper wire that i soldered to the 2nd strip before spot welding it. I’m sure it’s an overkill but better be safe than sorry. Everything was then covered in kapton tape. The BMS sits on top of the pack.


This was a bit more difficult to find. It had to work with both 97s and AT wheels and it needs clearance for the motors behind it. I used Photoshop to overlay various decks and compare them with the original Evolve one. Found the DB Freeride 38" to be very similar in shape and not too flexible. Once I mounted the motors I found out it needed a bit of shaving so I removed about 5mm from the end to make sure it wasn’t touching the motors when carving hard.


After finishing the build I tried BLDC in firmware 2.18, Hybrid mode. Initially I forgot to calibrate the nano-x remote (turn on, full throttle, full brake, then turn board on… I know, there’s even a sticker that is saying this… thanks @Jinra for pointing this out). After doing everything right I found BLDC in hybrid was good, acceleration and braking very gradual and smooth right out of the box. However, I got FOCBOXes for a reason… upgraded the firmware to @Ackmaniac 3.100 and switched to FOC sensored. My god it’s smooth: startup is even better now, no cogging no drama. Even while rolling backwards, it starts like my boosted does. There is almost no noise at all and after tweaking the acceleration curves a bit and playing with ramping times, it’s now so good that I would compare the controller/remote with the boosted one: smooth, predictable and fun. The remote feels a bit cheap in hand, but apart from that it’s great. I like thumb control so I never tried the Mini remote I had as a backup.

Motors and settings

I had to switch the connectors since the Racerstars come with MT30 connectors and not bullet ones. The hall sensors connector is also smaller so I changed that as well.

In terms of settings, currently I’m using (per VESC):

Motor max: 40A Motor min: -40A Battery max: 30A Battery min: -10A

Ackmaniac 3.100 in FOC sensored.

I could go higher on the battery but I found that’s enough for now and I don’t need more. Motors are rated at 34A so 36A is slightly over the spec. They don’t seem to get hot at all (no temp sensor) so maybe it’s worth pushing them a bit more in the future.

I did a few tests and top speed is 22mph on ABEC11 97s. I could have gone with 200kv motors but I don’t really want more speed so I chose to limit myself to 22mph by picking these 140kv variants.



That is one beautiful build


Sweet build man, looks beautiful.


Red light glow fantastic over red motors. What Gen are them mounts?

Thank you! Gen 3 mounts.

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Nice build.

What worries me, you have a lot of room for parts to shake around and things can damage the cells when shaking there. Unless you have sturdy paddings there.

I have had a three of those cheap BMS-modules, and each one has failed easily. They tend to go poof while charging. Cannot handle even the slightest voltage offset. Might be that i am the unlucky one with all the bad modules though. :smiley:

Nice Build! Really clean looking. I ,too, will warn you about that BMS. I used it for charge only and it killed some cells on two of my boards.

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Great pictures!

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Bravo dude, this is what an actual Evolve board should have been from day one!


Wow! Neat! Any chance you could link motor mounts? I looked at Evolve website but can only find mount plates …

Secondly - what is your hardware for fixing the enclosure? I see you have drilled through - are you having problems with nuts unscrewing due to vibrations?

These are the mounts he is using:

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Minus the wheels, trucks and shape of the deck that is what I want my board to be. I’m looking at 200kv racerstar motors. What motor pulleys did you use the 15 tooth for the motors?

How much did this build cost? And would you mind doing a tutorial video on how to build it? Really want a board like this one

Hey what belts did you use? I’m using the same trucks and mounts but I didn’t want to pay for the more expensive evolve belts.

I had to offset the brackets to fit this onto my arbor and also onto the gen 2 evolve.

The arbor doesn’t have too much flex - Am just over the sidewinders. Have an evolve for that. Have installed the sidewinders and Ollin 200kv’s on an evolve gen 2 and will be trialling jacobs hubs motors on the arbor.

@ARetardedPillow @Rinzler @Quezacotl @mccloed @Jedi @mrjonnyjones @MontPierre thanks!

@Quezacotl that picture is misleading, I was just setting the software so nothing was properly mounted inside the enclosure.

I agree about the BMS not being the best one. I’ve monitored all charges so far and charger goes green when cells are at 4.22v, they then settle to 4.2v. So far so good. I’m talking to Bestech in order to buy one of their smaller BMSes to be used bypassed. I have their HCX-D223V1 but it’s too big to fit in this build. Once I get a smaller bms from them, i’ll fit that.

@MontPierre I drilled through yes. I got countersunk bolts from here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M3-M4-M5-M6-M8-BLACK-SOCKET-COUNTERSUNK-HIGH-TENSILE-BOLT-ZINC-NYLOC-NUTS-WASHER/192077433917?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=491966486164&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 and they come with nyloc nuts so they don’t unscrew under vibrations. Alternatively you can use thread lock.

@briman05 I used these: https://www.banggood.com/Racerstar-Motor-Gear-Red-For-BRH5065-BRH5045-Brushless-Balancing-Scooter-Motor-p-1139957.html . Loctite and with grub screw.

@Insanity_Wins i have no video, sorry. I haven’t calculated the price but it’s around £1000 ish.

@oct0f1sh unfortunately I paid evolve for their belts. You can use HTD 5M 15mm ones but not sure about length, 265mm or 255mm i think. When these wear out I’ll give HTD a go.

@Jebe yeah, I had to file down 5mm from the deck. I’ve got another one coming that is slight longer and i wanna give that one a go (Boosted is 42" so i kind of got used to a bigger deck). 38" and foot pockets feel nice but I would want a 40" deck so I’ll see if this new one will work. The arbor looks sweet but you have to modify it to fit the motors… and I wanted drop through mount.

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coudl you give me the set screw size for the gear. I’m sure I have one laying around my work.

It’s M3 (3mm) and I used a 8mm long one and filed it down by 1 or 2 mm. The hole on the pulley is wide and if your grub screw is pointy it won’t fill it properly. I tried just the grub screw (not filed) and I had a play after riding for 2km. It was holding it in place just fine but there was play. Second try I filed it down, loctite the pulley to the shaft then screw the grub screw in and used thread lock on it.

Also make sure to not over tight it and f0ck the hex head otherwise it will be a pain to take it out. I had to cut one in order to remove it :frowning:

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AWESOME build man. Looks great!

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