$1 to $2 LG 18650 cells

What do you guys think?

http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-LG-36V-4-4AH-BATTERY-PACK-18650-EBIKE-POWERWALL-BATTERIES-2000-CELLS-W-BMS-/182599268938?hash=item2a83c3ba4a:g:nKUAAOSwuspY9YNZ http://www.ebay.com/itm/150-LG-36V-4-4AH-BATTERY-PACK-18650-EBIKE-POWERWALL-BATTERIES-3000-CELLS-W-BMS-/172704755213?hash=item2836016e0d:g:nKUAAOSwuspY9YNZ


I know have these have brought up before but Im not sure how it turned out.

Given the specs and picture, I think they’re these cells.


20A discharge rating isn’t bad, but not how sure how they’ll perform. Voltage sag may be large or capacity maybe smaller than indicated

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for the samsung they are 22p cells.

I was seriously thinking of getting a couple to try out. the performance wont be very good. but a 10s4s would have about 40A and 280wh hr for <$100 with 2 chargers

these are pretty much what benchwheel/liftboard/koowheel are all using. 10A cells 2.2 ah.

I did buy one of these packs (Samsung) to try them out for my sons eboard cause his lipos were starting to puff up and I must say, they work very good for the price. I also bought a hoverboard charger (36v upto 42v) for $10 on Ebay to charge them up, it took less than 2hrs from battery 31% to 100%. Not a bad product for the price.


I did the same! Very happy with how it performed considering the low price. I’m using a laptop charger that definitely gets quite hot (but works). Mind linking the charger you purchased? Does it get really hot during use?

I purchased one of these chargers and I changed charging plug to a xt60 connector. “Mine does not get very hot” I purchased two of these battery packs and haven’t experienced sag yet, i rode 7 miles the other day and still had 48% battery power left.



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`I’m rockin’ 3 of these packs on my board for 10s6p, and it hasn’t disapointed. 30mile range with a single motor 13:36 gearing and 90mm wheels.

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Ive been staring at these packs on ebay for a couple weeks now, deicide to spring on it based on this thread… so adding the xt wire to this charger…was it a straight forward snip the end off…separate the pos/neg wire inside and connect? just making sure but seems about right.


If you want my honest opinion – before I can take the seller seriously, they need to figure out how to operate their keyboard correctly. I mean, I don’t trust them with my batteries if they can’t correctly operate a CapsLock key.

Theyre perfectly fine cells if you use them within their limits, I’ve got $2k worth of them


I bought two of them for my sons eboard cause Lipos kept puffing up, last saturday we road for 3.5hrs and they keep working fine for him, still had 57% battery, thanks to regen. braking.

So how can these be run on a higher voltage configuration? I need 12s setup with 2p or greater works.

Is the BMS limited to 10s?

You would need to disassemble and rebuild in 12s configuration , the BMS would be useless

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Yes, 10s. My son carries the 2nd battery in his backpack just incase he needs it.


Are the welded so that the pack can be used in a slimmer configuration?

you can take them apart to slim them down, i left them as is. i use an enclosure from and it fits perfectly. I use this one.


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Just as an FYI, diyeboard uses the same cells in all of their current battery packs and boards for sale.

Are these actually 10a cont. and 20a peak PER cell?

just enough room for just one pack…not 2 right?