100mm Boa Constrictor wheels

Testing some new wheel prototypes by Boa Wheels (not online yet). These are the 100mm Constrictor wheel prototype in 83a. They have kegel-style hubs which are made from glass nylon. The final version might be dark purple or some other dark color. They are expected around first-quarter 2018. MOQ wholesale might be around 400 wheels / 100 sets, manufactured in California.

First impressions are wow, this is so soft and squishy in my hand. I can squeeze it more than a SuperFly/74a/reflex.

Riding them, they seem like they are glued to the road. I actually tried hard to slide them and could not get it to break loose.

They fit exactly some Evolve kegel pulleys I have here, like plug-and-play.

I non-scientifically bounce-tested a very large bearing on them and it bounces off like it does from a 74a® SuperFly, and not at all like it does from a 78a flywheel clone.

The cores seem really strong.

Any questions, hit me up



Site isn’t working

so what’s the story with these, are you affiliated with boa?

site’s down btw.

what’s with the moq, the sample you have is that a prototype?

what’s the price?

how long have you used them? how’s the urethane longevity?

It’s not online yet, that will be its home I hear, so I put the link here now.

Red is cool but black hub would look better. Really 83a feels the same as 74???

I am not affiliated with them, they were created by the Jed Boards team. I volunteered to test them. I have run them through 2 full charges so far. The sample is a prototype. I didn’t ask about price. Longevity is yet unknown.

Hey Brian, nice wheels. I would like to see then dark purple. The durometer changes from one manufacturer to another, right? is not the same 78a from one to 78a from other. That’s why 83a Boas feel similar to 74a ABECs, no?

On the other side, from who are those pink ABECs? Yours? Any chance to buy those from you?

Yeah; I find it hard to believe these are 83a, but that’s what I was told. They are really soft.

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Yeah, I personally like lighter and bright colored wheels but I was told they’d be darker, possibly dark purple. Those are all my wheels for comparison purposes, no Electric Flywheels for sale

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they remind me of this


Yeah, the durometer interpretation is totally different from one to the other, and could be almost the same despite the durometer number they apply. That’s why I always thought it was weird the Flex Revolution Rough Stuff wheels were 85a (??) Whaaat? So I assume something wrong happened with the classification. They apply the durometer number they consider convenient to them, but in reality is like that from other manufacturers.

Have you tested the actual duro of the rough stuff wheels?

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I don’t have any Rough Stuff wheels, unfortunately :frowning:

No, never. I always wonder about their durometer. I can’t not believe Flex Revolution created those wheels with such a hard durometer (85a). So I imagine their durometer classification is different or their uro is different, don’t know really.

@b264 You know what you need to do. - For science!


@baxter I’m on it. For science.


Those Red wheels look good enough to eat!!!
Are they as soft as they look?


They’re pretty darn soft. They don’t look as much like food once they got used and dirty LoLz

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so what’s the deal, how can we get these?

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Are those the wheels Jeremy from Jedboards was holding in latest EBOARDING live video?

Also, someone send me the durometer tester and I can check Rough Stuff wheels. I’ll send it back :slight_smile:

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