10s Charger >4A EU sources?

EU guys, what options do we have with 10s fanless charger with 4A or more here? Just realised non of our vendors does have chargers in their shops! @fottaz @esk8 @okp (has a 2A) @ProtoBoards (are you still alive bro?) (sorry if i missed someone)

Do you all buy from oversea or do you have a nice local tip?

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I’ll take note of it :slight_smile: I just have 2a chargers included in my powerpacks. I’ll try to find a good solution

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Hey bro, I’ll check. I went for 2A as this is what I use on all my builds.

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Available in pre order http://eskating.eu/product/4-amp-fast-charger/ Up to 12S


@TarzanHBK bro I can’t seem to find any options in the US that are decently priced. Apparently 10s 5a chargers have gold in them!

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I love you man :pray: Fanless? And adjustable via screw or something?

Told u! I don’t know… doesn’t seem to have a huge market outside of the esk8 world…

Just received this 10s 5amp Charger https://m.banggood.com/36V-37V-42V-45V-5A-Battery-Charger-For-10s-10x-3_6V3_7V-Lithium-Li-ion-Battery-p-1115729.html?rmmds=search

I’m from EU. If you choose ‘direct priority mail’ under shipping and with insurance, it wil come from the Netherlands, with a NL tracking number. No tax og vat.


nice info! But looks like it does have a fan, and you have to solder a 5.5 plug on it. There are also a few options on ebay, but non of them is fanless with the right plug

I was just looking at this one. I might order one and change plug for 3pin. I’m glad there is no vat to pay in EU. How long was dispatch and delivery ?

I dont think it has a fan. But i will know for sure Tomorrow. I could post some pictures if anybody is interested.

Shipping time to Denmark was about One week :smiley:

Pictures will be perfect! 1 week isn’t bad :wink: ordering now :smiley:


Remember the right shipping option. This allso gives you a tracking number, wich is nice.

<3 Fanless for sure, I think It’s not adjustable. I’ll Be back once get the confirm

because you said “up to 50V”, for 10s we need 42V, sooo should be adjustable somehow i think :smiley:

https://www.bike-discount.de/en/buy/charger-e-bike-yamaha-36v-4a-631261/wg_id-9724 150€ tho :confused:

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Ouch! I thought you meant adjustable amps, don’t ask me why haha! I will see if it has adjustable voltage, if not, I will provide 42v and 50v, two models :slight_smile: no problem

wow. 150€, that must make coffee, sending fax and prepare you breakfast for that money!


That’s the minimum requirements I expect it to do. Otherwise. Meh.

im using this one from ebay… is not 4A but 3 is still more than 2 hehe

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