10s4p 18650 build using vape sleds

so i guess i should make a thread about my build so that there is an archive about what i did.

Friday February 26th i revived and order of 48 Samsung 18650 25R cells and, after 40 hours of testing confirmed that they are legit Samsung 25R cells.

during march i looked at all my options and decided to go with vape sleds to house my batteries because with this i have better access to each cell.

march 18th the vape sleds arrive and i make my 10s4p pack.

Saturday march 19 built an enclosure that is way to big but hold all the cells in place.

present day

during my hast to get a test down my esc broke and i have been waiting on a new one so i’ll update when i have a test down.


There you are …

my test made it 500M before break-down so i think it should be fine as long as there is something the apply pressure to the cells forcing them in to the sleds.

Ok…I’m have trouble figuring out how big everything is…lol I need you to hold up a can of soda or a ruler lol…

It’s my fault I just haven’t held a 18650 in my hand … Only pictures of those and sleds so it’s hard for me picture how much space they would use…

Pressure…I can see that …Foam? Like sound foam? That was my worry abt using sleds…any drops probably be bad…the constant rattle of the batteries probably would make something work loose unless like you said … Pressure to hold down the batteries …

foam works im just using a shallow box with a lid.


@delta_19 i hit up that company a few days ago for a custom sled. No responce. too bad cuz it looks sick

Thanks dude…and he throwns in an old Zelda game…nice touch…

Humm that’s is pretty small … Kinda like a round Bic lighter…

If that’s the box you’re using … You could make a crazy big pack…

Ever think abt using polycarbonate or plexiglass ?

im going to get a diy aluminium enclosure off of ebay for it.

would these work?

That’s what I ordered for my pack

do these work in parallel

they should work and both terminals use the same contact so just wire them in parallel.

Which one? ( if you don’t mind me peeking in your shopping cart :wink:

I had picked up Enertions Aluminum a while back… Didn’t like them…didn’t use them…didn’t like any I found… I turned to polycarbonate and plexiglas



I’ve seen these two on eBay

i’m totally just hot gluing and soldering my pack together, but these sleds look great. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all holds together on a board after some all day riding.

I second this. While I really like the idea of being able to access the cells so easily, I do very much worry about what the vibrations will do to the contact points.

@delta_19 when you get it rolling, take her for a ride on the sidewalk for like 40 minutes and let us know if the connections to the batteries have any troubles lol

I got something better, military roads. They are fixed every 5 years and have no up keeping in between.

sounds like the streets in my neighborhood, but make it every 10 years.

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Also i propose we pressure @delta_19 into naming whatever build these batteries end up on “my old boobs”

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Oh god dammit Fuck off