10s5p or 12s4p help me decide


  1. It’s for a Trampa Hs11 deck with Ultimate trucks
  2. I’ll use Samsung 30Q cells
  3. 6374 190kv dual motors
  4. 90% Street 10% offroad (not full EMTB)
  5. 15/66T pulley set
  6. 8" tires

Pros 10s5p

  1. 100A of continuous discharge available (50A each motor)
  2. More range than 12s4p (not sure about it)
  3. More acceleration against 12s4p (not sure about it)

Pros 12s4p

  1. The acceleration from medium to top end is impressive and extremely fun on my previous build
  2. Range is also increased on the 12s4p vs 10s4p
  3. 2 cells less weight
  4. Top speed is impressive
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If you want to actually pull high current I think higher voltage setup is the way to go. Generally speaking 10s is cheaper/easier to deal with than 12s

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30q’s are 15a continuous…

  1. correct. 540wh vs 518wh


More range, more current, not as far over safe vesc ratings, more BMS options, more charger options

According to mooch, they are a pretty good cell for 20A.


Yeah, that’s a solid consideration, too bad there not much space underneath the board for a 12s5p.

I’ll keep the 12s4p I’ve been riding on my previous boards

I’m sure his findings are reasonable, I’m just not the type to push my batteries past what the manufacturer has rated them. I’d prefer to keep as many cycles as I can get out of my cells and also keep the fire hazard at a minimum.

But I can also understand those who want to live on the edge :stuck_out_tongue:

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He won’t be pulling the max current out of them anyway, at least not continuously 20a is what I use for my 10s4p pack as well.

Yeah. I understand you bro!

However the mooch test show only 83C (very safe) after discharging at 20A continuous vs 77C of the 25R.

I had my oldest board with more than a year of continuous use and the battery is holding the charge exactly the same as day one, well maybe not the same, but nothing I can detect without instruments, so I think we should be less concerned about longevity and more about having a blast riding our boards at their fullest 20A per cell! :sunglasses:


30qs have less sag than 25r and lg hg2

What about Sony/Konion VTC6 cells?

They’re better, but usually more expensive as well. Only slightly less sag than 30Q’s at 20A

have the same question. can get a hair more watthours with the 10s5p and maybe the esc would be safer. And I can do whatever kv motor. so thinking 10s…any naysayers?

which motors?

oh wait… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ooo I can just fit 12s5p in this thing if I can snip that white plug off the unboxed-focobx beside the phase wires. If I were to dremel it down slowly but not cut into the board you think that would be ok? sounds ridiculous but wait till you see this! using all copper sheet connections since the wires take up space. even have to cut down my xt90 plug. it all will just fit…but that one white plug. I’ll post up a pic soon. fantastic. really syched to do all copper foil welded pack and then the foil replacing the phase wires, rolled up where it needs to be.

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Go with 10s since they are more optimized and safer for vesc. And you get less voltage sag. :nerd_face:

how in the hell would you get less voltage sag with 10s5p than 12s5p…? :rofl:


maybe that works. less sag. butt rider has good ideas. more overall amp draw from the cells but now 5 instead of the 4 to deal with that draw but 12s5p wins for sure!! juuuust will fit problem solved wheres that solution button. damn I cant post questions and then award myself solutions

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You pull more amp per cell in 12s4p. Let’s say you are using 100watts, in 10s5p you pull 2 watts per cell, in 12s4p you pull 2.083 watts per cell, the change is very little indeed.

The original question was 10s5p vs 12s4p

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