10s5p or 12s4p help me decide

Like I said, Im not digging at you. Just slow down, read, build … and then you’ll get it and then you can offer construction advice.

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100w on 10s is 36V × 2.77777777778A = 100W 2.77777777778A / 5P = 0.555555555556A/P

100w on 12s is 48v × 2.083333333334A = 100W 2.083333333334A /4P = 0.5208333333335A/P

Please stop spreading wrong information. It’s happened multiple times… Search is your friend please read more.


You’re right I put the wrong units. I meant 2 watts and 2.83 watts. Changed it.

ooooor…11s! no one mentioned that one. 11s5p n 55 cells.


Thats odd…

Idk how to mark a topic as solved Waiting for pics

You have to choose the same voltage per cell if you are calculating like this. Not 3.6 volt per cell for the 10s pack and 4.0 volt for the 12s pack. So in summery you get for the 10s pack when using 4 volts a cell for both 40v × 2.5a =100w and therefore 0.5A per cell on a 10s5p. The 5p configuration is a due to the two added cells a bit more gentle on each cell even though it is very little. And btw you just spread wrong information too…

Sorry I accidentally calculated for 13s as I had my 13s board in front of me and was thinking 48v not 44.4

Honest mistake. @HellboyK2

No worries. Happens sometimes to everyone…

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I think you mean the word optimal, which means that its good to work in a safe range at that voltage :slight_smile:

not trying to bring up a bad topic but I dont think anyone told you the word