10s6p vs 12s5p can't decide

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a trauma over here with 4x3s 8000mah lipos. It is time for a battery upgrade to Samsung 30q since I don’t trust lipos that much.

I can’t choose between a 10s6p pack or a 12s5p pack.

I am running a dual motor set-up with 2 149kv sk3 motors. With E-toxx system(direct drive?)

Use 2 focboxes.

Also any safety tips configuring the focboxes? With this kind of pack? Or isn’t it anything special?



Hello !

You need to choose between speed or range, 10S6P should give you more range but a lower max speed than a 12S5P.

Generally the type of Esc is a good help because some of them may not handle 12S for a long time use but I think that focboxes can manage it.

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12s5p is the choice for you, same if not better range, faster top speed, more efficient, less amps required, running closer to motor efficiency range of 8k rpm and more punchy torque.

However 10s is more reliable


Wrong! they have the same amount of cells in the packs therefore the same Watt hours, therefore the same range. However 12s will use less amps due to higher voltage meaning more range.


Well I didn’t know that, really interesting thank you ! It’ll help me to choose my battery update too !


Whenever comparing batteries with different voltages Ah is irrelevant. It’s always about Wh


Thanks. But i have to make sure focbox can handle this.

I’d question that statement. So long as you use the correct vesc then there is nothing wrong with 12s reliability. See me being me would run a 10s 4p pack at max amps and then ride it like I stole it. With the 12s 4p to get the same punch the current can be lower and therefore less stressful on the set up. Also I tend to not flat stick 12s everywhere because that way lies madness. Had more vesc fails on 10s set ups than 12 so far. Remains to be seen whether this will play out in the long term as this 12s is only a few months old. It definitely doesn’t run the motors as hot though compared to the same parallel 10s. Just saying so far so good.

I’ve just put the kiss of death on my 12s set up now though with that statement. :grimacing:


12s will run a higher risk blowing up the FOCBoxes (but that chance is still pretty small) in exchange for a higher max speed. To reduce this risk, I’d recommend undercharging the pack by one or two volts to 48-49V.

More cells in parallel means higher battery current settings (depending on how you ride, this may not make much of a difference).

What hardware version and current settings are the VESCs running, also what was the failure mode and use rate between 10s and 12s? When my friend switched to FOC on a 12s4p setup, one of his VESCs immediately died. MOSFETs are only rated for 60V, meaning transients will trigger avalanche breakdown (the IR fets, despite their poor electrical characteristics, actually have really rugged avalanche characteristics) and the DRV830x is only rated for 65V on VIN and phase nodes. 12s fully charged barely passes the 20% headroom rule. This is why DRV failures are not uncommon at 12s.


Not game to run 12s foc even on focboxes. Too many horror stories. I like reliable and don’t need the bells and whistles that come with foc. I build very simple set ups for this reason. Keep it Simple Stupid Safe. Works for me.
The 12s is running the latest version of the foc boxes but I did have a drv fail when I ran some HK 4.12 for a while. I was at the testing stage so was pushing the current settings too hard. Hard braking etc for science. Focboxes are imo the most reliable 4.12 vesc derivative and its just my opinion based on experience before the inevitable flurry of replies. Once something works for me I stick with it because if its not broke don’t fix it.

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Ummm… I’ve been running 12 foc for a year and a half. Focboxes are running smooth as tits. So much so that I haven’t even bothered to swap them out with my dual Escapes lol.

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12s is officially safe. Let’s talk 13s lol


Can’t wait until I can build by 12s5p :drooling_face:

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Same everything is here except the spot welder.

I’ve got no materials yet :joy:

I’m hoping the Samsung 30ts are going to drop in price so I can build a fatty pack with them

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How big of a gain are they over 30q batterys?

Another 15amps discharge apparently.

6p probably will have more torque at low speeds, cuz less voltage saaag. I went from 10s4p to 12s4p medium and high speed increased. Low speed torque decreased even with better cells, I’m still tweaking it

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Similar life span?

Yep, ive been looking at mooch graphs and all sorts of other graphs

I dont want to push huge amps anyways, I just like the safety overhead as well as the Voltage sag prevention