1100 dollar emtb NEED HELP!

hi every one I need help i am planig on not spendig more then 1100 dollar on my electric mountain board but i am new in the esk8 so i dont know any good parts i got this part list 12s12p battery :slight_smile: free robbe roxxy x 2 300 euro 192kv x2 160 euro so if u have any good motor mounts or boards max price 1100 dollar / 990euro

A 12s12p battery?!? That’s extreme if that’s real man :stuck_out_tongue:

it is but it is not like other ones its made out of 3c battery’s 80 amp max but 26 ah witch is beast but its made out of old/new laptop battery’s so Ah is extreme but max Amp not but i am happy wit it

Yr psts r quite hrd to rd. Please try and type properly so it is easier to understand. Thanks. And please don’t take this comment offensively, I was just having a laugh.


Please try to do it on a ‘‘NoSno’’ board… here’s one on auction right now:


Would be tricky to place your huge battery there but who knows… would save some weight for the board probably… I also hear they are quite stable at fast speeds… though, have not seen anyone do a mounts for them… maybe nowind has done something on simlar axles / trucks but im not totally sure :slight_smile:

i have put the battery in a bag that i put on my back to save board space

Cool. Have heard ppl mentioniong this idea :smiley:

What about the Battery cable length problem I keep hearing so much about? Won’t this be longer than 12"? I’m trimming all my wire lengths to accomodate. Am I making too much of a deal about this??


8 awg wil hadel that i hope

This is extremely dangerous. You are not considering an accident. A pack of batteries strap to your back is asking for disaster, think carefully about what you want to do regarding the batteries.

That’s a ~14 pound battery not including bms and wire etc. that’s a bit heavy and will throw your balance off

i gues i have to re tink that haha but i dont rly need help wit the battery mot less wit the motor mounts and board

I’ve ridden with a laptop on my back + some other things in it… I assume it could have been close to 13lbs for sure… It was possible to feel the weight… but unless you plan to do carving or things like that it is manageable, I think…

i long board every day wit 15 kg of books on my back but i dont now meany lbs a killo is

but are there any good motor mounts or somting ???

@Okami @mountainboardlover69 To me The problem here is not the weight. The problem is the likelihood of an accident and damaging some lipos strap to your back is just a little bit too risky. :slight_smile:

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i made some drawings i am gone poot foam around the battery and then 6 layer ply wood and 2 fans plz any good motor mount or hardwear

What board are you planing to use ?
If you have the cross section of the truck I can machine the mounts for a low price, you’ll need to provide your design in cad.

that is the problem i don’t know but 530 euro to spen on the board pullys and motor mount btw i like chain more then belt

I would keep them under 12" just to be safe