12s4p better late than never

planning on making some batteries… i would like to not go bms at this time because of my skill level… i have an extremely limited space to work with inside my board…

i want to do two 6s in series for a 12s… my current batteries measurements are 8.75" in Long by 5.25" Wide. it is only tall enough for single battery… i would like to emulate the same battery sans bms. it seems heavy enough that maybe more cells are present in parallel… thanks for your time bros.

current battery

sure its going to suck and im going to break alot of stuff… I really need some good guidance here as im not very technical… I think im going to pick up a good charger next week =)

what is the question?

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It’s not a question. It’s a build thread… :slight_smile:

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but saying hes week on the technical stuff… so let us know how we can advise and help

OK taking lipo suggestions today!!! What cells do you think I should get…

Canz I use deez

yes this is a build thread, its going to need 2 training wheels though and a specia hat foar me spoderman!

*training wheels are a joke ok…

how does my diagram seem?. is it not enough parallel cells? Ive traced the enclosure and going to grab a dead battery so i can see what fits!!. I intend on using the entire cavity, and will use the dead battery to trace how many i can stuff in there… I will upload a pic of the cavity of the composite board tonight.

50A 18650s sounds a bit fishy. Are you sure those cells are legit? Also it might be better to just buy 18650s like these. It would be heavier but you’d get extra range and they’re probably safer in terms of actually meeting specs (never heard of AWT, but then again I’m still fairly new to this). Your current pack kinda looks like it’s 3 or 4P anyways (EDIT: assuming it’s 18650s, kinda looks like lipos looking at it). Also if you plan on charging those batteries, I would definitely recommend using either a BMS or a balance charger, not doing so risks overcharging some of your cells which really is not a good thing. Anyways, best of luck, and make sure you’re careful when handling those batteries, they can be pretty scary things

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I guarantee you those cells are fake. The real manufactures (like Samsung and A123) haven’t gotten 50A and 2600mAh from an 18650 cell yet; there’s no way this off-brand has. And I’d personally recommend avoiding gearbest for lithium batteries. I’ve read way too many horror stories.


intel recieved.

does this seem correct? 1500mAh seems low is that correct?

i need to make 2 packs… i wont know know how many i can fit till i find a dead lipo for tracing… that will be happening today though

thanks for the replies also, you guys are great!

Tell me a bit more on your setup and I can better recommend a battery

That does look correct. That site, li-ion wholesale, is a very reputable reseller of genuine cells. If it’s written on that site, I’d trust it. At 30A continuous discharge, you’re not likely to break 2000mAh.

How about these:

or these:


my current batteries are samsung 30Q “i believe”, either way i get really long range the only issue i might have is with their ability to draw power on demand as my setup is prone to voltage sags when asking for too much power over a short interval…then again the symptom could point to something else, so i dont have any proof yet.

anyone actively monitor their voltage while riding?

Sony VTC4 seems legit

can i do all the series stuff over xt60 adapters? XD my wiring looks weird lol i think i c a problem i changed my wiring diagram, canz anyone look at it and tell me how jacked up i am XD

dual 6374… i got a couple of motors at home and currently run single 6355… i was looking at alien, and even considering hubs, im 185lb so i need something that can pull hard

Well I would say 12s 4p on those 6374

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i just traced it with a spare 18650 laying around… the spacing is tight… what could it be?

this is my current battery… im basically guessing it

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hey there will!! =) looking at my crappy battery sketch that would be 4 groups of 5?? does that sound right? As far as the polarity or which comes first, would that happen to be series first? anybody know what the math is

the battery is very well packaged and from a really awesome vendor, i tried taking it apart already and didn’t want to screw it up till i get new shrink wrap so i can put it in another wrapper… heres what the site specs are

Nominal: 44.4v 6AH 266WH 21140300mm

Why don’t you actually check if its 30Q cells? I doubt you would have voltage sag issues with those.

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Hey dudes! There is space for 20 cells. Thats at least what I traced for the caivity size. can someone inform me of the grouping once I get these vtc6 cells… can i hot glue them… I really want to for some reason probably because i just bought a hot glue gun… Here is what the battery is going in, I took it out to trace and i have to replace a dc pig tail that got fried last week when charging at an angle =/ Scary flash, I didn’t like it at all… and i dont have space for xt90

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