15mm Wide Pulley Kits and Individual Parts (Wheel Pulley, Motor Pulley, Belts, and Hardware)

I’m starting a new thread for this as things have evolved from my first test batch of pulleys in this thread here:

Anyways, you can see that I’ve sold quite a few kits with positive feedback. I am offering the kit as well as the individual pulleys. Pricing is as follows:

$40 USD for the Complete Kit shipped to USA and Canada

  • 36T Drive Wheel Pulley designed for Flywheel Style Longboard Wheels
  • 15T Motor Pulley with 8mm bore for motor shaft, Four Set Screws, and keyway for maximum security
  • Retainer/washer for bolts
  • 255mm long belt
  • 265mm long belt
  • x6 M6 Allen Head Screws

$15 USD for a Motor Pulley shipped to USA and Canada

  • 8mm bore for motor shaft, Four Set Screws, and keyway

$28 USD for a 36T Drive Wheel Pulley shipped to USA and Canada

  • includes retainer and bolts

Shipped via regular post (i.e. no tracking as it’s coming from Canada and tracking is too expensive for such a small item). Payment must be sent via friends and family. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

PM me for pricing if you want multiple items. Also PM me for international shipping.


Still lots of kits available.

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Can I get one? I messaged you

All PM’s replied to.

Interested - PMed!

PM’s replied

What would I need to buy if I wanted to put 97mm abec 11s on an evolve GT

Not sure entirely as I don’t own an evolve GT and really haven’t seen one up close. Maybe others could comment?

That comes from Hong Kong. No reason to close his thread, he’s just trying to make a little money. I’m sure that they also stole his product photos.

Also by saying that you should ban DIY from advertising on the forum because he sells these kits for even more than @johnny_261


I don’t want to sound rude either, but it actually pisses me off that you made that comment. He has been selling these for a while and i havnt seen anyone complain about not receiving the parts, poor quality, or anything else. There is no reason a moderator should say that their going to close a thread all because someone is reslling a product.

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Well…this a fun morning for me to find this thread has exploded into something negative. @lox897 @marcus @Maxid for your information, I was the one who brought the 15mm kits to market. That eBay seller has STOLEN my product photos, my write up of the product description and is undercutting me. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN SUPPORTING PEOPLE WHO FURTHER THE DIY ESK8 COMMUNITY. As I said, they have STOLEN my photos, so who knows if you will get the same product or something of comparable quality.

I PAID for the DEVELOPMENT of this product, determined the specifications, got prototypes made, revised specs, got more prototypes made. It took me 6 MONTHS from when I first saw the need to have affordable 15mm kits to when I actually started selling them back in January in this thread:

I have great reviews from everyone. I sold the products at a slightly lower cost to have some market penetration and get thing started. Just when I’m starting to turn the corner and make this worth my investment of time and money, this comes along…I’m just a guy trying to add some value to the community here and get paid fairly. Believe me, I’m not getting rich on this.

ALSO my product ships from Vancouver, Canada. Delivery time is generally 1-2 weeks, so you get your product a lot faster than overseas which sometimes takes months.

I truly hope @lox897 will do something about removing this negative chatter from my thread. This is exactly how you STOP INNOVATION and discourage use of this forum. Encouraging people on here to buy from supplier who has copied and undercut me…I expected a lot better from this forum to be honest. I don’t have the volume or resources to order such large quantities and provide such low prices and have paid for the R&D as well. Definitely NOT COOL.

@JLabs thanks for your support.


By the way, just so you guys know, I also have been selling this product on eBay since January. But have been selling it on here CHEAPER ON PURPOSE to support people who are part of the DIY community…so yeah…



It’s crazy how you can jump to conclusions like this. Honestly you owe me an apology bro. If you even took a minute to read my post, you can see that I was on here Feb when I first brought these to the community. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/15mm-wide-pulley-kits-wheel-motor-pulleys-belts-and-hardware/17131?source_topic_id=27184

I had sold prototypes to some friends prior to that in January. So to set the record straight AGAIN, they COPIED MY PHOTOS. They were taken on my Canon G11 on my kitchen table FYI.


It is obvious that they stole your photos. Who are they to undermine you. Keep up the good work! I was even planning to buy a set from you for my first DIY, and i might just do it!

Not only on EBAY that picture btw. Was scrolling on wish before bed yesterday and pretty sure they used your pictures there aswell. :frowning:


@Bensaida @Guacamoleface Thanks for the support guys. Yeah it’s pretty brutal. I guess lesson learned, watermark those photos…Still it is pretty lame that they have the resources to buy in much larger quantities and undercut me and can’t even take their own frickin photos.


Yeah, dont know if they even deliver anything like it, may turn out to be some shitteh 3D printed pully, shrug

They even sell the exact same setup, Think they copy pasted part of your description.

Yep they copy and pasted my description too…

Thank you for your explanation.

I’ve only been on this forum and making a skateboard for no longer than a month. (this was the first part I have bought)

No excuses, I am sorry for the misunderstanding and for all that happened. Thank you again for the clear and helpful response.

I’ve talked to johnny and it seems he is the original creator of the kit. Chinese doing thier thing and selling to others as well :confused:

Did you design the pulleys? If so, it’s pretty bad that DIY is selling them.

This kit is of EXCELLENT quality, and I received in 3-4 days.

As a Canadian, I was much happier to buy from @johnny_261 than from Chinese sellers. Whenever I buy stuff from China, it can take anywhere from three weeks to eight months to arrive. I literally just got something in the mail today that I ordered from China in December. Absolutely ridiculous.

Sorry to hear that the Chinese sellers are ripping off your photos.