15mm Wide Pulley Kits and Individual Parts (Wheel Pulley, Motor Pulley, Belts, and Hardware)

DIY has been selling pulleys like this for years…do your research before making accusations please.

It was a question, not an accusation.

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To set the record straight I got the idea from DIY. I saw their stuff but needed 15mm which is why I set out to get this kit made.


Cool, just trying g to keep the facts available. No offense intended.

I purposely said in my first comment if Johnny could please explain the situation. Apologies if that came off as harsh, I just wanted to understand what was happening. Another user was complaining so it was in my best interest to set things straight and understand the situation. Now that Johnny has explained, I completely understand what has happened and that he has BENEFITED the community. It sounds like he put a lot of work into these and unfortunately someone from HK has undercut him. I was also unaware that the ebay product was from HK until after I posted my first comment. Sincere apologies to anyone who felt disheartened by my first comment.

Next time I will seek to understand before I threaten to close a thread.


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I bought a set off Johnny despite having seen the eBay ad, I did try to purchase them off the seller as backup before I saw info above

the seller was really squirelly and pulled out saying he had quality issues then hiked the price by removing free shipping he has been begging me to revise my feedback ever since bit of a douchebag it seems


Glad we were able to set the record straight. As @banjaxxed has stated, beware of eBay and buy from me :wink:


Will you be able to ship to Denmark?

Yes, PM Sent.

Sorry if I came across to strong. Yesterday wasn’t the best of times.

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Appreciate the support guys. The response from the community has been great after this Ebay fiasco.

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I will appreciate supporting the team and not waiting 45 days for shipment too.

Do I pm you or you pm me? LoL

I think it was covered already somewhere but, are there any plans for a 15mm 40t wheel pulley?


All PM’s replied to. Kits still available.

I don’t have any plans for a 40T wheel pulley at this time…Doesn’t seem like there is enough demand, but if enough people are interested I could try to make it work.

I got the drivetrain from johnny_261 and I’m very happy with them, great quality! I’m not able to use them because it is the first part I have bought, but the feel of it is very good, the build of it feels good and the belt feels strong.

When I’ve build my board I’ll give a greater video review of them.


How long did shipping take for you and where are you located?

10 days, europe :slight_smile:


Took around 5-6 days, he is in Canada and I was east coast US.

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Usually I say around 1 - 2 weeks in USA depending on where you are and 2-3 weeks international, but sometimes its faster as you’ve seen by the comments above. Delivery times are not guaranteed though as they have to cross border and customs/border security can be a delay that I can’t control.

I bought a set and got it in 6 days (ontario). I bought it in juneish, and I can vouch that quality was great.


Here I am not doing my research. I would have happily supported johnny_261. Now instead I have a knock-off pair from China heading my way. Ugh.