16/40 and 16/44 on 107s - What's your experience?

Hey Guys! I’ve seen a lot of people running a lot of different gearings- some for speed some for torque. I recently moved up wheels to 107s and my start off the line is not as satisfying with a 180lb rider on 16/36. I use a throttle curve as well so lower end is definitely lacking a little bit. I want to keep the curve though as I like to limit initial amps to tb vescs. My question: What’s your experience of 16/40 and 16/44 on 107s or even any wheel and gearing for torque. :slight_smile:

For reference: Battery - 10s4p, Dual 6374. Batt max: 30A, Motor max: 70A

Move that Batt Max to 40 each! I don’t have much to compare it to, but my torque is great with 15/40 on dual 6374 12s5p 60/-50. 50/-12

About to go to 70/-60 50/-12.

Unfortunately I’ve got some TB VESCS not FOCBOXES :frowning: . I think the tb limit is 40a so I limit mine to 30a to stay safe :confused: So I have to compensate with increased gearing.

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15/36 On 110mm… I’m pretty happy and fat I guess I like the slow startup, as it keeps me from going too crazy

Running dual rear 6374, 15/40, 107mm, 70A motor max, 40A batt max, 10A batt min on each vesc. This is sometimes a little bit too much acceleration. my front trucks lifting when Ipull max acceleration, even though I am leaning forward.

EDIT: 3D printed pulleys in PETG aswell


The golden spot for normal and fun riding is dual 6374, 16/40, 107mm, 60A motor max, 30A batt max, 10A batt min and some good breaking for your motor.

You should adjust the gearing to keep the top speed as close to the speed you want to ride, the torque/acceleration you adjust on the current values

The same thing to @trancejunkiexxl, if you have top speed to spare and increase the wheel pulley and decreased the currents limits, you would keep the same acceleration with a lower current running trough your system == more efficiency == more range


Insane! and that’s a lower reduction than 16/44. I never go full throttle off the bat but geez. :slight_smile: Thank you for the info! what battery type do you have?

Yeah I currently top out around 41mph when my battery is full. but I think that must have been slight downhill. On land I was sure was very flat I hit around 39mph. With the esk8 calc it says I should be around 27mph but from experience it’ll be closer to 29/30 which is perfectly fine for me as I cruise at 15-25 most of the time. I think motor max 70 and batt max 30 is still pretty conservative. What are your thoughts?

Edit: this is with 85% motor efficiency, is this accurate?

If the top speed is good for you then there is no point changing the gearing, what VESC are you using? 85% is a good estimate, but what matters is real life speed, I like to gear to have the top speed even at almost empty battery, for exemple, my board could go 45 Km/h, but I limit it to 33 Km/h and this way I have the same top speed across all charge levels, but loose some torque

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oh what I mean is that with 16/44 the top speed would then be around 29/30 which I am fine with. 41 was a little bit too much for my taste and useless on most occasions lol :smiley: . I think i’ll go for the 16/44. Looking forward to jaw dropping torque :smiley:

I would imagine that 16/40 would fir your needs perfectly, its what im running now on my build and although the second motor isnt attached yet, I feel like its a pretty well rounded gearing

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Yeah, it will be better, then you can fine tune in the current settings, you probably can increase to 80A or more if your VESC can handle, but I have no experience with larger motors, there is a point that the only thing you are doing in making more heat

10S4P Samsung 30Q

What is your top speed with your 15-40 setup ?

Which you prefer 15 or 16 T …and are you also on 12S ?

14/44 (for better brakes)

i wouldnt go less than 16t with dual 6374’s. personally. and especially not on 12mm belts

With your current setup your top speed is 39mph ? …on Calculator or real life ?..(calculator says 32.4 mph “Loaded”) …85% efficiency…190KV

real life. yeah trust me i was surprised as you are. I have various logs on flat grounds where i was able to hit that.