1st Build documentary. The Innoculator

After much research and consideration I have finally decided to pull the trigger and buy parts for my DIY. I will be documenting the entire build on this thread, with links to parts, and actual prices paid including shipping to help others who are considering their first build.

Backstory: Have wanted to make a DIY from the beginning, but because of budget constraints at the time, I bought a Meepo V2 (late 2018 29mph version). I loved my Meepo, but after about a thousand miles my motor bearing shell has broken apart to an almost unusable state, and instead of replacing the motors I am using it as an excuse to start my DIY :blush:

Build: This build is ongoing, and it is meant to be as cost effective as possible so parts will be recycled. I am making this board almost entirely out of @dickyho parts, because they seems to be the most cost effective and are frequently used and tested by other members of the community. I am using my existing Meepo deck until I can find another one that I like enough.

Trucks, mounts, and pulleys: $134 shipped I chose Dickyho’s single motor kit drive kit with wheels as well as his motor mount kit for the 2nd motor

Motors: $112 shipped I chose to purchase 2 Dickyho 6374 motors at 200kv

Deck: “Free” Meepo V2 deck

ESC: $89 shipped I purchased 2 Mini Flipsky VESC 4.2s from Aliexpress for $89 shipped (A freaking steal). They claim it is being shipped from the USA (where I am) so shipping is an estimated 4-7 days. I am weary of this as this seems like a too good to be true type situation, but as aliexpress does have buyer security, I figured I would take the gamble.

Battery “Free” (so far) This is the part I will get flamed about haha. I am recycling my 10s2p samsung 20r pack from my Meepo, and might buy my buddy’s 10s2p samsung pack to make a 10s4p 20r pack. I know these are not ideal cells and will sag like hell, but it’s what I got until I can make some money to buy some 30q or vtc4 cells.

Remote: I have no clue what remote to get yet, I am looking for the most budget friendly thumb roller option.

I will update this page as parts come in, super excited to start!!

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For the esc you should have gotten the 4.12, the 4.2 has cutout issues.

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I was under the impression Flipsky fixed this in late March by changing the resistors they used.

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They did, but no telling which batch these come from. @Gamer43 or @Schtekarsten might be able to shed some light.

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isnt there a problem with the batteries if they dont have the same mileage

wont there be a problem with putting them in parallel

also what would be really cool is to wire the charge port in parallel and then go and power each vesc seperately with one of the two packs

@Halbj613 you can use old and new cells, but each group should have same amount of old and new cells compared to other groups. for example, if you have used 12s4p and you want to upgrade to 12s6p, you will add in each 4p group 2 new cells, so each group will be made of 4 old and 2 new cells. and ofcourse before connecting old and new cells in parallel, they MUST be at same voltage.

@turbolovah if you have two assembled battery pack, each with its own bms, why not just connect them in parallel? you won’t have to disassemble anything. maybe I understood you wrong and you plan to connect them in parallel? however, if they don’t have bms or you are not sure, just be careful that batteries are on same voltage before connecting them.

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@Tinp123 hey thanks for the advice! His bms blew, so I am either recycling his cells for a new large pack, or installing a bms and running in parallel. Depends on if he is willing to sell it to me or not.

yeah they made the swap late mars, but it looks like there is a reseller selling the esc so who knows, it might have sat on a shelf for a while. only way to find out I guess is having a looksy. the new resistors (8 of them) should say 47 (47 ohms) and the old ones 4h7 (4.7 ohms). I guess you could ask the reseller to have them check the values. but good luck with that :joy: either way I made a little video in my thread where I explain how you can swap them out yourself:

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@Schtekarsten I read the whole thread and watched your video, GREAT stuff! I already bought the things so I won’t bug the seller, I doubt they would understand me anyway :joy:. I will definitely do the resistor swap if need be though, gives it a little more DIY magic in my book. It does make me wonder what kind of bulk these aliexpress sellers purchase in if they still have stock from 6 months ago though.


Does anyone know if I can reverse mount with these @dickyho mounts? Judging by the picture I believe these to be the long mount version, but suddenly i’m unsure.

Just bought the same kit but the dual version, per @dickyho, he said it was possible.

Yea, I just saw some people do it over on this thread https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-designed-a-motor-mount-for-sale-looking-for-review/59212/635

So now I’m shopping for an antispark switch, I really want the push to power on function so I’m looking at flipsky’s smart anti spark, but the description says that it has a max voltage of 10s, but then it states 13s for 4.12 vescs. Since the 4.2 is based on on the 4.12 will this work? Flipsky has informed me that they just got samples in and could ship me 1, but i dont want to buy it if its gonna blow up when I transition to 12s. (Which is looking like it will be pretty soon)

I was recently recommended this one: Anti spark switch

So I went ahead with the Flipsky smart antispark, looks like i am literally the first person to buy this switch. Wish me luck! If it fails i will go to loopkey.

I went a little crazy last night, and spent way too much money. This budget motor fix is getting expensive haha. Here is the damage

48 LG HG2 cells $200 shipped

Flipsky smart antispark $50

Flipsky VX1 remote $50

4mm bullet connectors $6

Y type cable for battery to vesc $6

Canbus connector $2

Shipping from flipsky $30

Red carbon fiber vinyl wrap 24’x60’ $8

12 guage copper wire $5

Red and black 1/4" sleeve $7

Griptape $8

I’m making a DIY spot welder out of a car battery so those parts are:

Motorcycle starter solenoid $10

2 guage wire $7

Momentary button $4

Still have to get some copper nails from home depot for the electrodes, and I’ll 3d print an electrode holder to keep em stationary.

Thinking about migrating this post to the new forum. Any thoughts?

Update: I just purchased a 12s 20 amp smart bms $35 shipped. I got the 20A version because it was cheap and I am bypassing anyway. I purchased it from here https://www.lithiumbatterypcb.com/product/13s-48v-li-ion-battery-pcb-board-54-6v-lithium-bms-with-60a-discharge-current-for-electric-motorcycle-and-e-scooter-protection-2-2-3-2-2-2-2-2/

Any concerns I should have with this bms on my setup?

I also bought a 50.4V 4amp battery charger for $27 on ebay

Oh boy, I did it again… i bought another thing…

$35 — $44 shipped

I think it’s a steal


The Meepo v2 motor is on its last leg :sob:

My parts can’t get here fast enough

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I feel you brother been waiting 4 weeks on a motor mount to complete my 1st build …

Wooo, the skateshred deck is here and it looks gorgeous, the concavity feels great under the feet.

The vinyl and griptape have also arrived so I know what I’m doing tonight! All of the spot welder parts have arrived, and the HG2s are arriving today as well, so I’ll be making my battery pack tomorrow.

Still waiting on my motors, mounts, pulleys, and vescs. I’m gonna decide what to do about an enclosure tomorrow.

Contemplating swapping my meepo hardware over to the new deck while I wait. I was able to epoxy parts of the meepo hub back together and I am currently riding the shit out of it still. Surprisingly smooth with an epoxied casing. No noise or balance issues

I bought a kayak handle for $7 and some really nice m6 enclosure bolts and washers for $10. I bought m6 inserts for $6 as well.

Im trying to be as through as possible documenting all of my spending, admittedly probably to keep track of it myself, but hopefully it helps others to understand that all of the little things add up.