1st Eskate build , Drop through, 6364 Outboard

After being inspired by Amazing builds from people like -nowind, Squad,and whitepony,… I decided to try my own .

-Funbox deck (modified) -Paris195’s -sk3 6364 245kv -Ollinboard’s VESC + Badwolf gt2b -DIY:

  • motor mount -18650 10s4p -abs enclosure

Got inpiration for my mounts(made 2) from Squad’s +Nowind’s beautifull mounts !!. Incorporated a little of both in mine .


<img src=“https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/2X/6/6c22d33aecc3f7e08b7934345405d82fba23ae10.jpg” width=“690” height=“388”



Great build! wondering what’s the advantage of mounting the motor in the back.

Motor doesnt get fucked up as much

I just find it looks cool ! , …and allows for a lower board height.


Lower board height, allows for a much larger motor that wouldn’t fit under some decks, some people like the looks, the motor is able to be mounted at a higher angle which protects it more against things hitting it when going over bumps.

Thats a couple that i could list. But i myself, don’t really like the rear mounting. But this build is probably one of the better done ones.

…no kick tails … Could use the tail by accident

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Yeah, I see your point.

Definitely no tail slide…

lol nope…and one other annoying thing … You can only stand the board with the motor on top…unless you wanna scrap the can…and of course any small curbs are out as well


Very nice. I like the motor there. I like how u can replace the motor mount plate incase it’s too thin.

It’s the best way to go if you are running a drop deck or drop thru mount. Or drop down/drop though like my pneumatic.

I still get 2.25"(57mm) clearance at lowest point of enclosure ,…not bad.


what enclosure is that ?

I made a vacum table and made it with a abs sheet.


That is a beautiful board and mount. The mount in particular. Did you make it or buy it somewhere? Is it steel on the end?

Can you enlighten us on how you went about putting together your 18650 cell battery? I’m really looking forward to create mine the way you did yours. Thanks in advanced.

I made mine just like member “whitepony” on endlessphere forum . He documented his build very well with pics, check it out!

It’s basically a 10S4P battery pack, spot welded together


hey randyc1, love your build, you should have included all these DIY goodies in your first post! imo these details are whats it all about! :smiley:

concerning your battery: you seem to be using 2 different types of cells? your parallel green pack will most likely drift relative to the blue, so I guess (hope) you are using a BMS? :fearful:

my build thread on ES: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=72026&sid=708fbd95e09b3518f8802cd57d24072d#p1088195

even though I didnt have any problems (yet), I will probably use these insulation rings to protect the “+”-side of the cells a little more in future. ordered a whole bunch of them -> http://www.ebay.de/itm/331832123025

also, I will in future fixate cells of a parallel pack with some hot glue, so they wont start to wear out their insulation hull by working on each other (also didnt happen yet, but might).

ive seen a 2 times now (by being stupid mostly), what these crazy currents can do if you short one of these batteries. each time I had a 4mm bullet connector in my hand and each time it was basically GONE, and I mean GONE and not just black and bent. :joy: