1st Modular battery with removable cells and bms!

So it took months and research upon research and multiple ideas. However I have finally finished the model and have a working prototype for proof of concept. I am curious as to weather or not there is any interest in this and will upload photos once I get some feedback! This Ronny knowledge has never been done before and while removing a bad cell was previously an issue and this is no longer the case, the best part is that the battery can be shrunk or expanded to allow for more range or even more voltage


sounds cool, however pictures tell a 1000 words.

I can guarantee you that there is an interest… Just go ahead with the pics :slight_smile:

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The only issue I was having was weather or not to open source it or not and if so just post on a thread or some other way to make it available, it’s not limited to skateboards but bikes also or even scooters maybe. Recvommendations from someone who’s done this before?

If I open source I’ll release schematics first along with the solid works files, then I might sell prebuilt packs, not trying to be stingy with the photos but once it’s out there I won’t have the option so I want to make sure

Dude it sounds amazing…can’t wait. Just post the pictures please. :slight_smile:

I will be keeping it open source but will first do beta tests of the final product as I will also be selling finalized packs for those who don’t wanna build them @onloop @rwxr would it interest either of u to be beta testers?

Ps: to everyone checking out this thread sorry to tease but the pronto has been finalized however I will be doing a few beta testers in the coming week or month to test the product and once it’s been thoroughly tested to the point where I believe it’s safe to release to u guys I will post it up right here(stay tuned!!)

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great. how do you connect the cells and keep it modular? pressure connections? springs? copper? magnets?

What a suspense! :astonished: It may be good for travel as well. :airplane:

@willpark16 I really appreciate the offer. However, I think there are people on here that are better suited to do the beta testing. People with proper equipment to test all of the aspects of a battery.

I really like the idea of this battery and I will be following the development closely. If the prototype and the tests turn out good, It will surely change a lot in eskating. Keep up the good work and big props for going open source!


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Can’t exactly go too much into detail yet about that but it’s capable of being a smaller pack and building a 10s 4p for example right after u get off the plane. Also I will keep the first iteration packs at 10 and 12s since those are the top two

Yes it will be safe for travel!!!

Thanks and I appreciate ur honesty

Honestly, open source is the best way for the community. Look at the badwolf mod for example. That opened the door to all matters of other GT2B mods, which improved upon and fixed the problems with the badwolf mod.

If you want to really profit on it, open source will make it harder. However, people will still buy your batteries due to the need of equipment that most people don’t have. Even though I’ve open sourced my app and the BT modules, I’ve still sold about 25 of them. Some will do it themselves, and donate though also. So it all works out. Your just not going to make big bucks if you open source it.

i come from the 3d printing community where everything is open source and open hardware (except for they who shall not be named who rhyme with “baker rot”), so this sort of secrecy and “how do i sell this” mentality is really weird for me

the way to “Sell” it is to open source the design but perfect the process of making the printed bits on your own, at some point you’ll master it and can sell your services of taking cells from people and enclosing them and sending them back to folks. It isn’t as easy as just keeping your design closed source and selling the parts but it’s much better in the long run and you’ll get a lot more business through an open source model

I can tell you I am an advocate for open sourcing this, but will be a first customer purchasing it from you as I have no skillz there lol. In fact have an extreme need for this for a US to EU trip in a month where I have not decided on esk8 transport option. If this would work, I am game to be an early customer.

After you sell one, it will be open source and someone will most likely improve upon it.

Either way, interested in seeing this as I’ve been looking at modular packs and have a few ideas of how to accomplish it on my next build.

@caustin @evoheyax @Eboostin @osbor thanks for the advice and I think that open sourcing is going to help better this community, since most of what I know came from people contributing I think it is only fair I do the same. The schematics and files will be uploaded as soon as the 1st design is finalized I am not the best with solidworks so that is taking me a bit longer. Hopefully in a week tho, the parts for the new batteries will be ordered friday and will take about a week!!

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Let’s see some previous work and your working prototype.

This concept is very easy on paper- but making a battery that can have cells added to it in series and parallel and making it reliable when strapped on the bottom of a skateboard is difficult. Remember having a modular pack means that pretty much nothing can be glued or taped down which is the main reason battery packs usually break. Adding a bms further complicates the process by adding wires that most people have no clue how to wire. Also, if you change the voltage you will need to change the BMS unless youre basing the BMS off of a 12s. No offense @willpark16 but ive never seen you build a pack let alone a pack like this.

Please be careful with this. Don’t market it as safe for travel. I have a solid idea of how youre going to construct this as there arent many correct ways to do it. You dont want to set a plane on fire my dude. Make sure the work is SOLID.

Just because i dont want to see a plane get set on fire- let me review your designs before you release this stuff.

Ive made some modular pack designs (not actually made) and there is a way to do it and make it fool proof and safe.


ive repaired packs and built them the one on the board im selling i managed to remove the bad cell to save the whole pack, If my capability is in question then I guess I’l just have to prove you wrong

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