3" Barstock Build!// Twin Vesc's// Sk3's // 10s5p 25r // costom everything

Half way through my latest Esk8 build (third ever). My first was for stealth, drop down, single Sk3 single drive, and track star 150amp Esc. Just wasn’t the power I was looking for so I instantly started working on a second, with diagonal mounted Sk3’s and each esc powered by two zippy 3s 5000mah batteries in series. I made that frame differently though with the front and back their own ‘module’ of 2 batteries, an esc and receiver. Then connected the two with a welded together aluminum that was a foot or so long and 2 inches wide. I liked how it turned heads and was different then anything I’ve seen, but I wanted to take it a step further. This time I’m making the whole frame (other then foot plates) 3 inches wide! (I’ll have to post a picture of my last build when I get a chance). But here’s the run down of the parts I’m using!

. Gt2b controller, upgraded to 18650 2500mah battery and in a costom cnc oak enclosure. . Two vesc from Diy (upgraded c26 to a 4.7 uf to fill the missing spot because I would like to have a stable Foc) I plan on running each at battery max 30amps Battery regen 10 amps . Frame is going to be a single bar of 5/8 inch thick 3 inch wide aluminum bar stock! (probably around 36 inches) . Feet plates are cnc’d stained cherry with clear grip tape on top . Battery is using Samsung 25r’s 10s 5p for some extra amps and to help with voltage sag . BMS From battery supports, the 10s 100amp constant current model (wanted overkill so it’ll last longer) . 2 extra 3400uf caps before the vesc cap boards for extra stability . DIY’s 120 amp switch with some upgrades :wink: (pictures will be below) . 2 fans in the enclosure for cooling. . 2 Sk3’s 6063 at 213kv (from my old builds, will set Erpm at 60,000 and set it up to brake to not go over it. Probably upgrade these in the near future) . Using MBS atom trucks so it’s wide enough to have the motors side by side in the back . 97mm Abec 11 flywheels (but will have it able to switch out to pneumatics) Using my old pulleys for a 14t/36t belt drive. . 36v to 12v converter to power my lights and fans . Still have to make the motor mounts out of aluminum and the wheel mounts out of some solid pvc I have.

Lemme know what you think!!


i posted this from my iPad, and the images are out of order. Will fix later from a computer

Here’s the frame design I’m planning, the aluminum bar with recessed foot plates out of repurposed wood.



Here is the battery, spot welded, then connected to its bms after some silicone sealant on all of the wiring.



The remote is a work in progress but this is the enclosure and where it’s at. I’m thinking about putting some led’s on it for extra night visibility.


Here’s how I plan to mount the vesc’s in the case, as you can see there is a fan directly under them for cooling. I also added small heat sinks to the fets so the fans would be more effective


<img [/details]

Here’s the upgraded switch, added a cap on the output, heat sink on top, doubled the 12 awg wire. The switch will only be for the vesc’s. My lights, and fans will operate from other toggle switches.[details=Summary]src=“https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/6/1/61fc02dc857a995a7f99afac87984ea6ce4214ff.JPG” width=“666” height=“500”>

<img [/details]


This is a very unique approach, can’t wait to see the finished product!


Was able to work on the board today. I used my cnc to mill a circuit board for headlights, as well as wire my battery up to the vesc’s, charging plug, and a battery indicator. Also I thought of putting my larger remote battery to good use so I put two cob led’s in the front.


Mocked up some pine motor mounts befoee I dive into aluminum.




One motor mount made. It’s out of 5/8 thick aluminum and the motor mount is recessed in .25 inches. I believe this will give good cooling for the motor, and won’t bend if ever hit.

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Boards starting to take shape!! All is mounted and all that’s left is to make housings and wire up the lights, weld the motor mounts (right now just bolted on). And make the rest of the battery casing.


I just took it for a ride yesterday, I’m wondering what people suggest doing to optimize the Vesc for 6063 SK3’s (mine are 213kv)? I’m using a 10s 5p with Samsung 25r’s 100 amp bms

my settings were 80 amps to motor -40 amps motor 30 max battery -10 max battery regain erpms to 60,000 max

Im wondering what I should do for faster acceleration? I’m thinking about bumping up the battery amps to 35 each, but I also don’t want to push anything to its maximum limits.

Here’s the top of the battery case,

Hole cut out for exhaust fan Power button for Vesc’s 4 switches - 36-12v buck converter - 2 fans for cooling - battery indicator - headlight/tailight As well as the power plug

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I like your style :wink:

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Nice! but how you going to ride with such a wide stance?

@Mikeomania12 It’s about a 16 inch wide stance, which feels natural to me and is modeled after my foot placement on my last board. It also helps cope with the rapid acceleration and deceleration of electric boards. The whole board is about 36 inches long if that gives a better frame of reference

I c. The middle part just looked super long to me.

@Mikeomania12 I don’t think the pictures I’ve taken thus far do it any justice. But it should be done this weekend and I’ll have final pictures up

Almost done! All that’s left is for it to stop raining so I can test it, the headlight and brake light, and shortening some of the motor wires.


Just went on my first ride today! 10.58 miles and took the batteries down to 3.4v each. Amazing performance and handling. Here are some mid ride glamor shots. All that’s left is a headlight and part of the controller casing!!

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Great build! But I would not recommend discharging them to 3.4V regularly because this can cause deep discharges and damage the batteries, but I guess that you know this already.

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@Davey These are Liion batteries so the charge sheet says that they are made to discharge to 2.5v unlike lipo’s 3.4-3.6. However I know that the lower you consistently discharge them the less cycles you will get out of them.

where can I find the same barstock ??? thanks you :slight_smile:

@trampalovesshekels I got my barstock from http://www.speedymetals.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=speedymetals&utm_campaign=mobilecompany&gclid=CNaM0PWw3tMCFVW1wAoddN8K9A#&panel1-2

You can always find atleast a 10% off coupon for them by googling it. Have used them a few times and only had great experiences!