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3 Trucks With 3 Motors For Sale BARGAIN!

Hi Guys I have 3 Trucks with 3 Motors for sale. 60mm motors, top speed of about 45km/h 70mm wheels. Quality metal components.

Create a dual motor electric skateboard or single with these parts.

Shipping in Australia is $30AU International Shipping is $100AU Standard Sea Freight

Bidding starts in this thread at $100AU Comment your bid below Ill be back in one week 22/4/2016 and highest bid makes the purchase

Concerning. What’s the gearing ratio. Whose the maker. What kv are the motors. Who made the motors. Are they abec wheels. Why’s shipping so expensive to the us…?

45km/h seems pretty fast for a single motor setup.
What trucks are they?

The lack of info is a little concerning.

$100 Shipping for sea freight? That’s crazy. That doesn’t look like a well known motor. You need to provide more specs. Also, that motor gear looks weird.

Enertion achieves 45km/h with 1 motor its not hard for other motor manufactures to achieve similar results.

Alloy trucks.

$200 AU for 3 trucks with motors shipped to US is a bargain in comparison to Enertion and any other brand.

Unlike Enertion metal is used rather than plastic.

I’m good. Don’t think I want to even bid the opening bid. Post this in the craigslist page see if u get any bites that’s where it should be.

lol enjoy paying $2000 for an electric skateboard.

If you’re looking for an exotic build with high performance components capable of high speeds and long range, you can have it far below $2000 I assure you unless you want your box sculpted like a vampire’s rib cage or some crazy shit. But you will be spending more than this on a drive system.

Lol dont you worry about me. Good luck with your auction

without KV, gear ratios, and many other important facts being stated, this is such a risky buy…

45kph is doable, but with what voltage and what amerage? Are these made for 6s or 12s? someone would need to know before buying them…

second, regardless of whether or not you support Enertion you know their motors are good quality: everybody loves the tacon motors as well, and they have clearly proved themselves. These motors on the other hand are still a blank page.

That’s a 15t motor pulley and probably 36t hub. there’s no bearing in the hub.

I’m guesstimating 83mm wheels at most, and anything less than 10s capable is a toy, and we don’t build toys.

so, if it’s 10s, 15/36, 83mm wheels, and 45kph, the motor must be 215kv.
BUT, those motors seem to have sensor wires!

Provide sensor pinout, provide KV, provide max voltage/amperage, wheel size/duro, and be realistic with the shipping.

If you cannot provide these things, meh, I’ll give you $50 each and YOU pay shipping to USA.

EDIT: I didn’t see the 70mm wheels info, that puts the motors at 265kv. That belt/wheel clearance is deceiving in the pic.

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Well said!

There’s a reason there are no bids on these lol
On the thread at least

Well, there was ONE bid. I’d you can call it that. Lol

Why are these being liquidated?..Hmmmm…I’ll bet someone got into a little bit of an Alibaba shopping spree to recover from $$$. LOL
JK! Have fun with it. Definitely not for me.

Now now children I realize the demographic that rides an electric skateboard is under the age of 13 so you can leave your child like comments at the playground

If your not interested thats fine, jump on your little skateboard and keep riding home to mumma for your next cup of breast milk.

pm me if you want to make an offer.
Shit talkers can circle jerk together.

Well, didn’t you read our comments to your offer, did you?

We always said that we need specs of the setup but you did not tell shit…

Most people on this forum are above 13… maybe everyone?

Maybe you shouldn’t act like a child and tell us what you wanna sell…

And if you spend some time on this forum then you will realize that we are building “rockets” and not toys!

fuck dude, as a seller that is no way to talk to your market.

whats your motors KV rating?
max voltage?
gear ratio and motor axle size?

if you wont tell us this why would i want to buy it?

My scammer senses are tingling.

This is bullshit. A paris truck costs ~$15 and a tacon costs $70 and @torqueboards kit costs $129
ill have that for $200 than this bullshit. Fuck off ya rude cunt


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Love the Star Trek references
Respect is earned @delta_19