3 wheel Frankenboard| C8080 70kv| 12s| VESC| MBS Matrix| Custom 9 layer vacuum press

Hello eSK8’ers, my name is Jason but most call me Jay. Jaybird is a nickname I was given years ago due to my inebriated inclination to climb up on things and perch.

I make a living doing renovation/handyman work in Toronto. As of a few years ago, my electrical competence was limited to matching the wire colours on a car stereo install, testing voltage, etc. Basic stuff. This is also partly the reason my first 3 wheel board build was with an off the shelf hub motor kit.

My understanding has grown, but I still have a brain spasm trying to follow some of the technical commentary here and on endless sphere. My thanks to anyone that contributes to these open source information resources. Invaluable :slight_smile:


-I don’t want a “last mile” commuter, I want an “all the miles” commuter.

-I want something that is stable at continuous high speeds and can cut from road to grass to gravel trail without protest or superman face plants.

-1hr hard carving ride time. Most days I have to drive to work with tools, so this is for fun after work or the odd commute if my tools are onsite already.

-Powerful enough that I can swap a smaller sprocket to get up around 40mph, throw on my downhill mountain bike armor and try and get onto a gokart track for some racing.

-Experiment-have fun-go faster.


Board- Custom, 9 layer Canadian maple with a RockitLam veneer base. Vacuum bagged myself with a kit from Roarockit. I will burn a design or image into the top veneer and then coat with west system epoxy or boat spar varnish. The battery and VESC will be underneath. Battery casing, undecided.

Front truck/wheels- Older MBS Matrix Lite mountain board truck with modified spring position. I moved them inboard about 3/4" iirc. Leans deeper now than the Trampas on the other build. 9x3.5-4 tires on Trampa Primo hubs with Abec 5’s.

Rear wheel- 90/65-6.5 tubeless mini moto (68t or 47t sprocket)

Motor- Single 80mm 70kv sensored from chinese distributor. 5kw max, 70v max, 85 amps cont., 8mm shaft. (12t or 16t)

Controller/Battery/Transmitter I have not ordered these yet. I have been emailing with Jeremiah from Ollin Board Co. regarding a VESC with heat sink, a custom 12s5p pack and a Badwolf V2.

Mounts - motor and wheel- Started out as 3x3 1/4" steel window lintel. I don’t have a machine shop, so a workmate in the back alley with an angle grinder, drills, belt sander and files does the job for now.

Now some pics-

Original design sketch

More to come :wink:


HolySh!t! This is what I want to see. More mountain boards builder!
That motor is huge man, haha. Btw why not using hub motor? I believe some chinese manufacturer have 5inch ++ hub motor already. Anyway it’s a cool build, looking forward in it!

Thanks. :smile:

I have not looked into what is available with smaller hub motors lately. The last build was with a 16" Magic Pie 3 from golden motor. It was a tank… tail heavy. Even with a smaller hub (which would be a power sacrifice) the weight would be tail heavy. The the outrunner mounted inboard and batteries under and forward, hopefully will get closer to 50/50 weight distribution. Plus rc motor/sprockets make for easier speed/power tuning…

Pic from the last hub motor build-

I saw this build in Youtube, so you’re the one who made it! Really awesome with the mechanical brake of mountainboard. I was actually from a mountainboard shop inspired by this project see if I could eventually attach a proper brake for my longboard / mountainboard. Until now I still have dilema wether I should go for mountainboard / longboard haha.

For what is great about this build is that you only need 1 motor and 1 esc and 1 mount which makes it cheaper in terms of build. Theres no need for differential as the load are being pushed by 1 single mid tire. Have 2 brakes in the front makes it more safe in braking. Since it’s a mountainboard battery can be placed on top because feet is locked in place, so more ground clearance. Also bigger tires to run over anything on it’s way. I mean this is superior in alot of ways, only portability is the main issue here. But definitely looking forward for your new build. Expecting more awesome video as well!

Very cool! I like the design (Polaris Slingshot for your feet) and am curious what the weight of your last build was as well as the range & battery build/specs.
I am of the mindset that I would rather carry a little lighter board with a swap-able spare battery in my backpack/office/truck and have two ten mile batteries than one 20 mile on the board to make it more nimble under my feet. I think it would be safer too. (think Ferrari: light, powerful, quick, runs out of gas at 200 miles, but fun 200 miles!)
I could definitely see some carbon or glass work to reduce the weight once you are happy with the design.

This forum is awesome, in daily life if I start talking details and specs like this, people glaze over. Whereas you guys are already getting to conclusions I have not even discussed with anyone yet. :slight_smile: cool.

@laurnts 1 motor/esc/mount was part of the thought process on this build. Keep the complexity down to a minimum.
Initially this build will be no bindings and under mounted battery. But that may evolve after testing.
I can understand why some people want a light long board based commuter. It fits their needs. But given the technology available to get creative with builds, I am a little surprised more people aren’t doing stuff like this.
So, are you planning a mountainboard build then?

@MonsterCoatings Thanks. The last build came in at almost 55lbs(25 kilos) and over 50"(1.4m) long. The battery on it is 48v 10ah LiFePo4 ebike. I never got a chance to push the range. The guy I built it for is heavier than me, 220lbs(100 kilos) approximately. He claims over 2hrs on dirt/gravel bike paths, but I have no proof of this.
I will probably build an e-longboard at some point just for the variety, but I see it less as a Ferrari and more go kart. The high speed characteristics are what I’m after. Speed wobbles should not be an issue with 3 wheels. Toronto roads are nasty, so the pneumatic wheels will help there. I have had some scary close calls on my longboard around here…

"I could definitely see some carbon or glass work to reduce the weight once you are happy with the design."
I already have more veneers/carbon fiber/epoxy for this exact reason :wink:

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Anything moving and flexible can ocsillate… Tank slapped on a motorcycle is really fun.

Yes I am still looking for the opt for transforming my longboard into a mountainboard setup. Not planning to make 2 EV at the moment as I don’t have budget to spend. But lately I feel like doing so as riding longboard in the park feels more pleasing rather than on the road where you got look out for bad mood police that will try to take your board away :smiley:

Anyway from safety perspective, the brakes really. The brakes I want that mechanical brakes compared to electric brake. I mean regenerative braking is nice, but how much can you really get from it. I never seen any1 test how much it actually regen. Might be 1% - 5% effectiveness I assume, It be happy if someone shows how much distance to recharge certain amph. For me the brakes and bigger wheels are the deal breaker. Especially here in NL we have tram lines as well as slippery road from constant rain, big pneumatic wheel that you can pump hard or soft makes difference.

@sonic1 Your right, I should have said that the limit or onset of wobbles for this should be higher… I have thought about adding in an adjustable stabilizer if I run into that limit.
[1]: http://www.motorparts4less.com/product_info.php?products_id=1121

@laurnts It did inspire more confidence knowing I had the mechanical brake there in case of regen brake failure. Also it smoothed out the braking a bit. Felt less on/off. My first test ride was only regen and the rear wheel locked up, sketchy. In combination worked great.
Some of the coolest people I met backpacking were from NL. I have never been. My sister might be moving there in the fall…

The weather has been to cold and snowy for work outdoors, so I added something cosmetic. I have enjoyed drawing these Archimedean spirals since I was a kid. I drew it in pencil, then went over it with a pen style iron and used the edge of a handsaw as a straight edge.


Had some nice weather for a couple days… did some grinding and filing on the mounts. They still need some cleaning up and paint.


I have just placed an order with chaka (Jeramiah) at Ollin Board co.
Badwolf V2 tx/rx and a heat sinked VESC.

Other than that, no real progress.

*Off topic-
I did take advantage of some nice weather recently with my dog and rc car… :slight_smile: I have a 1/16 traxxas r/c that I rigged up a detachable flag and gopro. Super fun…


Just picked up a lightly used pair of lipos. I wanted to order larger 8000+ size packs but Canada has a thing about importing individual batteries over 100wh :confused:

Found this pair localy, 10 cycles on them with the 700e heli mounting tray. They are Great Hobbies in house brand. 6s 5000mah 35c 144x57x46mm 780g

I have not decided on the exact layout yet. I might cut the heli tray in half so I can mount them parallel. @chaka is finishing assembly on my vesc order. Once all my parts are here I can really get to business.

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I will throw in a new R/C Dog video as well…




also your in Toronto? im in the Barrie area

Yeah, Toronto. I lived in Barrie 10+ years ago…

ha, so hopefully these don’t explode right away, lol. Are they that bad?

The price was ok, and they are balanced in storage for the moment. I just need them to get this board going. Hopefully they do the job until I find something better.

mine lasted 3 months before taking out my closet door and, watch the balance lead it breaks easy.

thx for the heads up. I will be extra cautious with these guys…

@delta_19 Have you done a board build thread yet? I saw your 18650 build using vape sleds, pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

yep, harkonnen

havent updated much because the weather has been shite

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