30q's on sale now!

I just bought a bunch. The cheepest I’ve seen them in a while. If someone has them cheaper feel free to +1up me, haha!

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^also on sale

@iamasalmon i got 117 30q off of nkon for 400$, paid about 3.45 per cell

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Awesome, how long did it take to ship? I’m always scared to buy cells that cheap, I don’t want bunk cell, haha!

nkon is reliable


i was gonna say that NKON europe has 'em for 3.75 per cell, but that’s euro’s of course. 3.99 USD is about 3.57 EUR so that’s indeed pretty cheap

ru.nkon.nl has them for €2.64 in 10-off quantities right now, and they’re solid- I’ve bought over 200 cells of various types from them.

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That price is excluding vat though right? The ru.nkon site.

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Yes, the ru.nkon.nl site sells to places that don’t have VAT. (I’m in the US by the way.)

I just received my batteries from NKON yesterday. Here is the real cost for whoever is interested:

50 x Samsung 30Q at €2.64 each

€132(batteries) + €30 (fedex shipping) + CAD $52 ($11.30 fedex fee, $40.7 duty and taxes).

Final price for 50 x 30q ended up being

EUR 196.67 == USD 219.55 == CAD 295.81

Final price per cell

EUR 3.94 == USD 4.39 == CAD 5.92

Order Date was March 30th, order was posted to Fedex on April 23rd, received order on April 26th. Very long wait time considering you are paying 30 euros for shipping and the final price turned our much higher then expected.


Maybe u got hosed being canadian… I havent been charged a fedex fee or taxes fof my US order so maybe that helped bring the price down a bit overall…

Maybe, but I’ve ordered batteries from China before and didn’t pay any import fees (they didn’t ship through FEDEX).

NKON declared the exact value of the batteries so that’s probably why or maybe because it’s FEDEX.

Nkon is reliable. It is my souce for cells. I think I have ordered more then 2000 30q’s from them


It’s fedex and it’s Canada. We get ultra hosed on shipping up here my man. That’s unfortunately how it is when your country is huge and there’s less than 40M people populating it. Costs more to move shit around up here. FedEx makes sure they get paid. So does our gubmint. That said, around 5$/cell isn’t half bad. :nerd_face:

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i didnt have to pay taxes for my 117 cells and im in the usa

i payed 402$ total

402/ 117 = 3.44 a cell including shipping

nkon did that with my order too.

I’m confused, you expected a legitimate business who pay taxes and rely on reputation with customs officials all over the world to illegally declare a lower value on your batteries?


nah he probably expects every company to be as shady as ene * ti * n (**cough, cough)

You can just say Enertion and tag @onloop - He’s a big boy.


hmm really now

I can’t even sell any of my HG2s at $3.80/cell D: