$33 bucks - Small group buy 2.4Ghz mini remote - Trigger Style

Anyone interested in doing a group buy for these?

20 sets @ $33 each plus shipping

Prob take a few weeks to get them…fits in the palm of you hand.

Let me know if you are interested.

2.4Ghz mini remote controller with receiver for electric skateboard longboard

Mini Remote Controller 2.4Ghz Size: 1327365mm Weight: 186g (without batteries) Frequency: 2.4G Channel: 2 channels Power: 2pcs Standard 5# batteries (not included) Application of ESC: All ESC Color: Black Receiver:included Suitable for : Electric skateboard longbaord Note:No retail box


Aus shipping?

Lol I wouldn’t know how much that would cost but if you are down I suggest getting more than one

Maybe ask @lowguido

are these more reliable than that WINNER/WINNING version? I know that’s the smallest one but I don’t want to lose control going fast as my life depends on it LOL!

I really like them…

I’ve isee them for a while so have others … The other guys sell these as well

It’s just a small group buy…I’m gonna two…and he will give a discount on more … Works for me lol

You want to put yourself thru this again???

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Lol this one is easy…2 or twenty … Just u bastards gotta pay me as a friend and family lol

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I paid you as family. Because you’re my brother


But for real I might buy one. Never had one before

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Just let me know…when we hit 20 we can get them…that’s kinda a lot so…not sure if I can make it happen… …we shall see

It’s a really great remote…it’s what people want…super small…and simple… without having to take it apart and put it in another body.

I have this one(got it from TB). I really like it, way better than the winnings one.

On the winning one …if it had a bigger thumb knob …

Looks like you could make it even smaller

I’m in for one @Michaelinvegas for now. Until my GT2B breaks, i won’t change to another since it’s very reliable. Thanks! Any news on that Enertion group by order?

Mr group buy is a very patient man!!!

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You can make anything happen as long as u believe in yourself

haha. I’ll take two. this is seeming the best remote and I’ve tried a lot. I couldnt get the winning to work and just got the steez going and it’s good but the brakes are awful and not smooth going downhill . you can barely modulate. anyone know if this can be made better in ppm or something?

mr group buy! the responsible patient man. He maybe buy 6 and plan for crash

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Hey that’s 5 so far…not too shabby!

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