35€/40$ CNC Motor Mount *SOLD*

Does it caliber only? (im planning to put it on paris or reverse kingpin)

Yes, mount is made especially for caliber trucks. Unless you will make your own adapter ring for paris trucks :wink:

Hi don’t mean to annoy in anyway but any news on a possible delivery date

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Unfortunately, but this period of time is very busy for manufacturer. They finished making parts today and now it will take about 5 days to reach me. I know that is annoying, but I can’t make things go faster. Again, sorry for that and stay patient :slight_smile:


No worries thanks for all the effort and time ur putting in

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Hey! Any update ? :wink:


Hot news will reach you tomorrow :slight_smile:


if you have 2 sets over keep me in mind

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Finally some updates!!! Now I have 30 sets of mounts almost ready to ship (I still need to clean the threads and plates)

Now the design is improved!

  • Longer threads

  • More material in one part for extra strength

  • More clearence between ground and mount

Every set contains:

Prices: One full set – 35€ or 40$ Shipping to Eu – 5€ or 6$ Shipping to US (or other Countries) – 6€ or 7$ +Small PayPal fee If you order more than 2 sets then pm me for the shipping price

If you want to order then make sure it fits your setup: 35€/40$ CNC Motor Mount *SOLD* - New Items For Sale - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board

Dispatching starts next week. You will receive payment request on Sunday.



Form submitted!!! Thanks @laikiux for everything you’ve done so far!!

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I’m in for one, form filled in :+1:t2:

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Perfect! Form submitted! Awaiting payment details.

Love the minor adjustment to the C-Clamp portion! Every mm further away from the ground helps!

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Form filled in and getting ready to pay up. Thanks for setting this up. Seems much more organized than other group buys I have participated in recently. Thanks again.

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these are so nice i hope i get paid in time to get some =) I mean they are really awesome i hope these dont fly away too fast

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Paid, many thanks :+1:t2:

PayPal requests have been sent for everyone who ordered. :slight_smile: I have 20 sets left.

cronins ! cronins ! cronins !

Paid!! Thanks again @laikiux!! Looks like PayPal takes 3-5 days to process payment? I’ve never paid for something directly through PayPal before.

Payment received, thank you. I will dispatch your mounts tomorrow or on Tuesday.

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