35mph+? My build log ,3rd build, please help


Recently I made a bet with my brother that I could achieve 35mph on my board, I live In London so the roads aren’t great, but they are manageable

Here is my build please tell me what you think(and if it will work)

This is a dual rear driven setup …

Vesc: focbox unity

Battery: 12s5p Samsung 30q by @Tinp123 (great builder and sick prices)

Bms: 12s beseech bms


Motor mount: hobbyking mount

Pulleys: 40t abec 3d printed pulley

Motor pulley:14t diyeboard pulley

Enclosure: self built wooden one

Deck: meepo/wowgo style 10’’ deck

Wheels:abec11 97mm flywheel

Motors:currently Tb 260kv 6355 motors(I have been told the erpm will be to high) here is my calculation, if it is wrong I will change to some sk3 or Tb 190kv 6355

A unity can do 100000 erpm

100000/7 poles is around 14200

14200/260 is around 54

12s is 3.7 12 which is around 44(even at full charge 12 4.2 is around 50v)

So the unity and motor should all fit in together

Please tell me if I should reach the speed and also what range I will get

I haven’t bought any belts yet but am looking for some (not sure whether to use idlers)

Thank you any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated

Thank you

Yeah don’t go over 200kv at 12s

Also you might wanna go 36t or even 32t on wheel pullys if you want 35mph on 97mm wheels.

Why does my calculation not work

Also with that gearing and that kv will it work


These are helpful. Those higher kv motors (200kv and up) are sluggish off the line if you are only using two.

Yeah with your setup you’re getting way too much speed on 260kv, even if “possible according to Unity specs” which I wouldn’t want to trust with my life.

260kv entered into calculator

Go with the 190kv motors and change motor pulley to 16t, then you’ll get your 35mph speed

190kv and 16T pulley

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I agree, 190kv and get several sizes of motor pulleys. 14,16, 18 maybe.

Think about going with TB 218mm trucks. The wider stance on those 97mm will give better stability @ higher speeds. Granted you should be fine. Just remember 218mm tucks if you get squirley

What cheap 190kv motors are there

Also what would happen if I used the 260kv motors with the voltage limited until the new ones come

Also what would the range be

What belt size should I go for

@dickyho motors are cheap and good

@Arzamenable pulleys ain’t free boy!

@Halbj613 you said yourself that you could go for either 260kv or 190kv TB motors. Go for the 190kv, TB motors are good value for the price. If you have 260kv motors on hand then of course you can use those, but you’ll get weak breaking as before and bad acceleration / unreachable top speed which is way too high. No need for voltage limiting if you use a Unity.

Choose belt size according to what motors and truck you choose, TB 6355 motors allow you to run 12mm belts on a standard caliber truck in dual configuration, other motors (with a sensor bit sticking out) will require wider trucks.

You seem to be posting a lot of topics as of recent with similar questions / problems. Most of this information is on the forum, just read more :upside_down_face:


Everything your looking for can be calculated on the 3d services calculator. As for belt size, there is also a calculator but it really depends on your motor mount/ wheel pulley/motor pulley

To mount 6374 motors would I need the 218 truck

You could use the spiral helical drive like I’ll be doing



Sorry nearing end of budget will just sell motors and try find some other 190kv ones

Does anyone know any other motors with similar kv as if I order from Tb they will take 6 months to come

Where can I buy from that will come within 2 weeks

I use maytech 6374 motors. Pretty fast shipping and they haven’t given me problems.

This thread seems pretty familiar…