37mph fall anyone?

I have one question and one question alone, was going up my daily route going around 37mph up a hill today and felt my board just die on me as if vesc restarted or something long the lines it didn’t go into break but all that momentum threw me off because it let go of the throttle fell and rolled like ball pretty bad. Left ankle now mest up right shoulder as well and wrist along with both my hands. Anyways any thoughts on why this happened thinking its my battery no way in hell I lost 4 vesc at the same time, settings per vesc was 32min 65 amps on motors 12s6p30q BMS bypassed. Over heated ? Vesc with 4x of them ? Focbox ?


sounds terrible but one of the most graceful things ive ever seen was a gif of a longboarder (fully suited up, unharmed), sliding like superman down a road after he fell off his board

I just had a helmet sadly no other gear, this was going up hill

yea that sucks. you good tho?

and I dont just mean physically, the mental game of getting back onto a board after a bad fall is almost worse than the physical effects


Am pretty sure am out for a good week or so from riding anything while I heal up and just gana ride my exo for a bit till I go back on my 4wd . I would post photos but its disgusting

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Could it be your battery. Same thing happened to me with a 12s4p. No Bluetooth module data?

Am pretty sure it’s my battery I went 4wd for a reason so that if one vesc ever messes up or 2 I still have 2 other ones but for all 4 to shut down It looks like its battery


I think one if the welds got loose or something inside the battery after I got into a previous accident not so long ago making my board fly 5 feet in the air

I would imagine the battery because maybe you went undervoltage that hit a sudden cut off. The bms discharge could be holding you back as well

Battery was at 95% and I have always bombed that hill going up it around 30-35mph

I know mine was from my dumbass setting up -50 battery amps -100 total of braking(not motor amps) when I first built my evo. Lol… fell like a rock and slid at 35 after tapping the brakes haha…

But I wear all the gear. I couldn’t pick up my right arm for two days. Daily stretching. Lifting regularly (slowly working up since has helped. But other then that I was fine…

But this is why i preach wearing all the gear…if your going above 20


Dude that is rough glad you survived, 37 is fast AF


No my regen for each vesc was -6 I was going up the hill luckly there was a truck that had a distance when I fell or I would have bin bug splat

Settings were per vesc four of them BTW my cut offs were wrong at the time I have fixed them and put them at 38 and 37

Yes that’s the first thing am doing when I feel good again to ride, it will take some time to get confident again to ride my 4wd evo again but first I got to find out what’s wrong with it

I would lower your batt cutoff end to 28-29V or so. The idea is you want to ease in to the end cutoff. As it is set right now, both start and end are way too close and could just hit the cutoff end without any backing off from the cutoff start.

Ignore my voltages, i was assuming you had a 10S system.

But the idea stays the same, you want a safe voltage distance from start to end. To avoid hitting “end” off the bat


Oh my calculations was that i did 12x3.2 38.4 so I set it at 39 and 38 could it have bin since I was pulling so much that it dipped bellow that battery was at 95%

Possible reasons are:

  • Master VESC had en error and other VESCs are connected by CAN. When master drops out other VESCs also do nothing after timeout. That would feel like one motor dropped out and after 1 second (default value) the other 3 motor dropped out. In this case you would get unexpected torque steering which already throws you off the board at that speed.
  • Remote lost connection <-- Most likely. Did you experience short delays of your throttle or that throttle stays while you released it already? Because when all motors dropped out exactly at the same time it can only be the throttle. Otherwise the other motors would have dropped out after the timeout.
  • loose CAN wire
  • loose Battery wire

Other stuff is also possible. So the best is you give us all the details how it felt when the power dropped out.


Did you have ackmaniac app? Did it log any errors?

Good job survivng. This is like the Evo of Death.

You have 4 vescs and two receivers right? so chances of it being the vesc and receivers being the issue is low. Is your controller working fine?

My board died on me completely this weekend at mile 11. Luckily it was on flat ground and we were a block away from our stop so I kicked it back and swapped my pack. During the whole ride I had momentary jots where my board seems to disconnect with the controller then reconnects a second later.

When I got home, I plugged in the battery for about 30 minutes and attempted to turn it on, I got nothing. So I cut open the pack and saw one of the wires had broken off, I stripped it and soldered it back on and now good as new. I got lucky the wire was probably touching (barely) when I went down some hills

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