37mph fall anyone?

Another possibility that I have encountered is the connection between one of your p’s in the battery pack could fail. This lead to me losing power to all four motors and throughing me off lol.

I had another case where a cap, a vedder switch and Bluetooth switch blew at exactly the same time. Still have no idea what cause what to break.

A lot can go wrong really. Best to ride slow and try to recreate the incident. Replace some parts and try again. If it comes back, you know that part is not the problem then.

This is probably a good thread to ask in but is there a way to setup the vescs so that if the ppm signal drops out the Vesc will slowly ramp down its speed instead of fully stopping. This would be really great if it’s possible to do as I’ve heard of multiple people falling at high speed because of this

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Am not using any ppm wire splitter anymore I am using 4 receivers , BRAND new gt2b and put my old gt2b mastercho mod , I felt as it was going really fast and then just felt no response as if I lost connection or vesc restarted or something along the lines . it didn’t go into break but having all that force and then just kinda no more force all of the sudden throwing me off

Hope you’re okay man.

What I did realize the night before when I was testing same settings my brakes would not break to 100% even tho my remote was fully calabrated into the vesc tool didn’t change nothing but u thought nothing of it, but now I think it’s battery or something nor sure haven’t opened it up.

I’m with Ack, lost remote connection, but i’d say a brown-out a drop in voltage to your Rx circuit caused you to lose connection…

This will sound like i created this thread to advertise my firmware mod but i added exactly that to firmware 3.100.

When it looses connection it will ramp down the power by 50A a second till 0 and then ramp up the brakes 20A per second if braking amps are defined in case of a timeout. Once the signal comes back alive it slowly ramps the power up again. This is necessary because mostly when the connection is lost it only happens for like half a second. That means in case of full throttle = full-power, no-power, full-power With my firmware you will realise the board looses power and gains power but no instant cutoff.

But i don’t want to highjack this thread (did already) so you can read more about that here.


Remotes brand new was fully charged as well dam

Actually the idea that one battery in one of the P packs lost connection isn’t a bad idea. That would result in a instant voltage drop which could cause the cutoff to trigger. But just check the battery if any spot welt connection is loose. If not then that’s not the root cause.

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yeah but the receivers are powered from your main battery, by your vesc… this is a common enough phenomen to be given a name by the rc guys, especially the 3d heli guys get it from time to time.

Which doesn’t mean they can’t fail. Which remote did you use.

This isn’t hijacking the thread, it’s directly related to trying to fix the problem here :slight_smile:


Gt2b with mastercho mod

Did you cut or shorten the antenna on the remote? Or did the antenna get bended? Because i had 3 GT2B in my hands and 2 of them lost connection because of a modified antenna on the remote or a broken antenna at the receiver (bended too many times).

Nope have never bended the antenna

bent…Sorry, I had to


Pulling enough current through 4 VESCs to go 37 mph uphill would put a strain on wiring/connectors, and/or vedder switch. What AWG is your wiring from your battery to your vescs? Have you checked to make sure you didn’t burn any of your wiring or anything like that?

12awg on battery and everything else is 10awg

12awg is only rated for 41 Amps. Is it possible that the hill climb was so long that you pulled more current than that for a sustained period of time and melted either the wiring or a connector?


I didn’t build the battery its a Baja battery so not sure maybe its 12awg or 10awg @barajabali? I’ll look into it tommorow right now am just in bed like a baby in pain

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